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September 13 2012

What is trapping?

Trapping is the compensation for misregistration between printing units on a multicolor press.

This misregistration causes gaps or white-space on the final printed packaging. Trapping involves creating overlaps (or ‘spreads’) or underlaps (‘chokes’) of objects during prepress to counter misregistration on the press.

Esko has two trapping solutions: one with interactive trapping (the Instant Trapper) and one with automatic trapping, based on predefined settings (PowerTrapper).

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Interactive trapping with Instant Trapper

The Instant Trapper is by far the easiest interactive trapping solution on the market. Trapping becomes a matter of clicking the 2 elements you want to trap. All traps are placed on a separate layer and centerlines are automatically calculated.

Interactive trapping software is available for ArtPro, PackEdge, as a DeskPack plugin for Adobe® Illustrator® and in Neo.

trapping in illustrator, artpro, packedge, instant trapper
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trapping in illustrator, automatic ctrapping, powertrapper

Automatic trapping with PowerTrapper

PowerTrapper automatically traps your file in a matter of seconds. Automatic trapping is done with presets of rules and exceptions to trap the file according to your specifications.

The PowerTrapper handles transparencies and blend modes of today’s modern design files flawlessly. This trapping module is completely compliant with packaging needs and knows how to handle special color pairs, opaque inks, varnishes, white plates, rich black trapping...

All calculated trap objects end up in a new separate layer combined with the ability to edit and modify the trap objects with a dedicated trap tool.

Automatic trapping with the PowerTrapper is available in ArtPro, PackEdge, as a DeskPack plugin for Adobe® Illustrator® and Automation Engine.

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Trapping plugin for Illustrator

Professional trapping in Illustrator is possible with two trappers. There is the interactive Instant Trapper and there is an automatic trapping solution: PowerTrapper.

These trappers are available as a DeskPack plugin for Adobe® Illustrator®.

You can try them for free! Instant Trapper and PowerTrapper.

trapping in illustrator
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Overview trapping software

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ArtPro, PackEdge, DeskPack plugins for Adobe Illustrator Neo Automation Engine
Interactive trapping Instant trapper Instant trapper
Automatic trapping PowerTrapper PowerTrapper