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Personalized coffins with a Kongsberg cutting table

November 08 2011

LifeArt in Australia started in 1994. The company wanted to use the digital printing techniques to produce personalized coffins.

These coffins are made of multilayered Enviroboard. It is an eco friendly material made from recycled material and paper fibers from certified and controlled forests. Lifeart introduced carton as a viable material for coffins. 89% of the coffins is made of MDF or particle board.


Personalized coffins
The use of printable material makes highly personalized coffins possible. Memories, photographs, illustrations, etc, the possibilities are endless. Customers work together with designers and get a 3D proof for approval. The coffins are delivered in 48 hours.


Finishing with a Kongsberg cutting table
LifeArt generated interest from companies all over the world now. One of them is LifeArt in The Netherlands. They print and assemble coffins in one hour. Printing is done with a Efi Vutek inkjet and the material is cut on a Kongsberg cutting table.


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