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What’s new in ArtiosCAD!

August 01 2011

Here are some of the exciting new ArtiosCAD 7.7 features.

Easy assembly of multi component displays
New Tab & Slot Tool assembles POP displays in just a few clicks. Click the tab and the corresponding slot for easy assembly.

new in ArtiosCAD



Design and Visualize V-Notch Line Types

new in ArtiosCAD


New blanking tools
ArtiosCAD 7.7 comes with a whole collection of new blanking tools: Lower board, Upper board, Grid bar, Pusher, Photocell, Sword, Jogger,  Air hole,  Tie-bolt, presser... and it will generate a parts list

new in ArtiosCAD  



Integration with CAPE workflow
Use the CAPE Solution to run standards automatically in ArtiosCAD: primary pack, and secondary case and palletizing the case load.

new in ArtiosCAD
new in ArtiosCAD 


New dimensioning in 3D
Bounding boxes will rotate with the design to ease placement of 3D objects and assembly of multi-part designs.

new in ArtiosCAD