What's new in WebCenter 18.1?

Creating packaging requires collaboration between many different stakeholders, across departments, across plants, and even between customers and suppliers. Standard office applications for communication, though, have reached their limits. Not only are they highly inefficient, they are also prone to error. There is another way to do this…


Dedicated packaging project management solution

End delays and reduce approval cycles to days instead of weeks with a project management solution that has packaging production at its core: Esko WebCenter. Those familiar with WebCenter have experienced numerous benefits: shorter approval cycles, less time-consuming face-to-face meetings, more production with the same resources, first time right and faster time-to-market, to name a few.

WebCenter 18.1 dedicated packaging mangement solution


Release of WebCenter 18.1

The latest release of WebCenter 18.1 has some cool new features to further improve efficiency, productivity and user experience. A closer look…

Check Social Media Inspired UX

Check Improved Reporting

Check Dynamic 3D

WebCenter 18.1


Social media-inspired UI supports new user adoption

WebCenter 18.1 allows you to display the most critical project information in a social media-inspired user interface, familiar to both frequent and occasional users.

Because of the intuitive UI, users find it a breeze to work in WebCenter and need less training.

Summarizing all activities in a single dashboard enables sporadic users to quickly understand how it works and see the added value.

WebCenter 18.1 social media-inspired UI


Improved reporting helps refining company processes

WebCenter 18.1 improves both Search and Reporting capabilities with a smarter approach to information visualization and richer search criteria.

A Pending Approvals feature visually indicates why a project has stalled, so users can act upon it.

It’s easy to retrieve and report various KPI metrics. This increased visibility on KPIs helps the company to analyze and improve processes.

WebCenter 18.1 reporting


Review artwork in high-quality 3D

Thanks to the unique 3D mock-up functionality, WebCenter 18.1 significantly reduces the need for otherwise costly physical prototyping. Catching design errors in a virtual prototype saves companies up to millions of dollars.

WebCenter 18.1 3D functionality

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