What’s New in ArtPro+ 18.1.2?

Download the full ‘What’s new in ArtPro+’ presentation here.

Trapping – The best of both worlds
The new trapper can trap files fully automatically. Individual enhancements require 70% less human interaction.

  • It uses a brand-new trapping engine coping with highly complex packaging designs
  • Innovative trapping algorithms optimize the trapping result towards aesthetical expectation of consumers
  • A patented method to tag individual objects with trapping instructions removes the need for rework after design changes and allows for keeping product ranges in sync


Dynamic Marks improvements:
This version features many new and improved Dynamic Marks to drive automation of sheet and web layouts.

  • Use the new barcode mark to identify and trace printed sheet or plates.
  • Mark sets can now link to variable external files reducing the number templates needed
  • The extension of separation filters, the possibility to establish a relation between marks and even use formulae for positioning takes the exception and condition handling to the level of scripting without the need of having special programming skills.


More PDF actions
A series of actions have been added and incoming artwork can be prepared for production without repetitive human interaction.

  • Create shape on selection
  • Create shape by parameters
  • Clip on page box
  • Update structural design

What’s more? Support for the latest MacOS Catalina, improvements to Gravure Tiff export, Spot color definition, Rasterization quality and Warping are adding great value for ArtPro+ users.

Download the full ‘What’s new in ArtPro+’ presentation here.

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