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New version ArtPro+ is ready to install!

ArtPro+ 18.1.1 is ready to install! This new version of ArtPro+ offers an impressive number of new features and updates.

Some highlights:

Shrink sleeve wrapingShrink Sleeve Warping

Use existing grids to warp native PDF in a non-destructive way


Dimension linesDimension Lines

Fast as Lightening


Barcde recognitionBarcode Recognition

Safely convert third party to trusted barcodes

Back side sheet layoutBack side sheet layout

Tumble or turn front to create
back side layout


Wrap grids for conical lablesWarp grids for conical labels

Create new warping grids


Convert CMYK to spotConvert CMYK to Spot

One click to Best Match

Get an overview of what’s new in ArtPro+ here

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What’s more, customers with a maintenance contract are also entitled to a complimentary copy of ArtPro+, the hyper-modern packaging editor.

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