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NEW Motorized Roll Feeder: The ultimate finishing solution for soft signage applications

Finishing soft signage jobs can present quite some challenges: Wrinkles, stretch, shrink, and uneven rewound rolls could ruin the entire job. Extra production can make up for potential mistakes. In the worst case, the job needs to be redone altogether. Either way, inaccurate cuts come at a cost.

Chris Logan, Director Product Management Digital Finishing at Esko, is therefore happy to announce the launch of the Kongsberg Motorized Roll Feeder. This new wide format roll feeder accurately cuts stretchy soft signage materials and handles heavy rolls with ease.

Chris Logan 

“The Motorized Roll Feeder is the only solution in the soft signage industry that delivers great cutting results on tensile materials, from the very first cut through to the end of the roll.”

Chris Logan, Director Product Management Digital Finishing at Esko

Digital Finishing with Kongsberg:
The best tools for the job

Kongsberg cutting table users confirm that their throughput and finishing quality excel thanks to dedicated Kongsberg tools. The Fast Tool Adapter is the latest tool to join the already extensive Kongsberg range.

Russell Weller, Product Manager at Esko, highlights how the Fast Tool Adapter and the powerful CorruSpeed tool maximize the performance of the Kongsberg cutting table.

Russell Weller 

“Unlocking long term production flexibility and profitability of our customers, is what drives Esko to continuously innovate and develop specific tools for each application.”

Russell Weller, Product Manager at Esko

Scalable multifunctionality: Introducing the Kongsberg C Edge

Ready to step up productivity and astound customers with impressive, high-quality results and fast turnarounds? Then the upgradable Kongsberg C Edge digital cutting table is the perfect addition to your business. Invest now and extend functionality as your operation grows.

Frank Adegeest, Director Product Management Digital Finishing at Esko, is enthusiastic about how the Kongsberg C Edge meets the signage and corrugated converters’ needs in today’s wide format digital print market.

Frank Adegeest 

“The upgradable Kongsberg C Edge cutting table is designed to grow with our customers. It delivers exceptional cutting quality and milling accuracy at a remarkably cost-effective price.”

Frank Adegeest, Director Product Management Digital Finishing at Esko

Making digital packaging management accessible to all

In the packaging design process, communication will often involve a combination of telephone calls, email and office applications. However, this approach is largely uncontrolled, highly inefficient, and lacks accountability and traceability.

Chris Rogers, Solutions Marketing Manager at Esko, explains how pre-configured packaging management solutions offer an upgradable, fixed-cost alternative, with clear deliverables and rapid deployment, bringing the benefits of digital packaging management within every converter’s reach.

Chris Rogers 

"Digital packaging management solutions are accessible to companies of all sizes and not just the preserve of the bigger organizations."

Chris Rogers, Solutions Marketing Manager at Esko

Kongsberg X cutting table delivers the versatility Rapidity was looking for

In search of a flexible solution to offer its customers various finishing services, London-based Rapidity Communications invested in the Esko Kongsberg X digital cutting table.

Paul Manning, Managing Director of Rapidity Communications, is delighted that the Kongsberg X44 brings the high-quality finishing Rapidity sought.

Paul Manning 

“Previous to having this machine, we were finding that the quality of the work that we could output post-print was hard to achieve. The Esko Kongsberg X44 is the flexible finishing solution we were looking for to complement our services.”

Paul Manning, Managing Director, Rapidity Communications, UK

How to expand your business into the Display market?

Is your core business highly competitive and becoming more consolidated? So how can you grow and differentiate from your competitors?

In this webinar recording, Esko CAD specialists Chris Rogers and Bob Biskner give an overview of the opportunities in the display market today, address the key trends that will impact your business and the technology solutions you need to accelerate your entry into the market space.

Bob Biskner 

“The ArtiosCAD Display Store for resizable, production-ready display design templates is quick, simple and eliminates the need for advanced design expertise.”

Bob Biskner, Senior Presales Product Specialist CAD at Esko

How to handle packaging projects without adding headcount

Creating packaging requires collaboration and communication. Standard office applications, though, have reached their limits. Not only are they highly inefficient, they are also prone to error. There is a more efficient way of handling packaging projects: with the dedicated packaging management solution, Esko WebCenter.

Karsten Daemen, Junior Product Manager at Esko, takes a closer look at the additions in the latest release of WebCenter 18.1 that guarantee to improve user experience and productivity.

Karsten Daemen 

“Because the social media-inspired UI looks so familiar, WebCenter is extremely easy to adopt by new users.”

Karsten Daemen, Junior Product Manager at Esko

Get inspired in an Esko Customer Experience Center

On a daily basis, users of Esko solutions raise the bar in their field of expertise. Inspired by its global customer base, Esko is on a mission to develop the best possible tools that continuously improve customer impact.

Stijn Govaert, Pre-Sales & Solution Services Manager at Esko, describes how two brand new Esko Customer Experience Centers aim to support Esko customers even more by immersing them in a world of possibilities with the latest Esko innovations in software and hardware.

Stijn Govaert 

“We warmly invite our customers to come and test, learn and get inspired in an Esko Customer Experience Center.”

Stijn Govaert, Pre-Sales & Solution Services Manager at Esko

Boost accuracy and efficiency in the prepress department

Longtime users avidly testify: Adopting the Esko PDF-native prepress editing software, ArtPro+, reduces lead times and increases operational efficiency. The most recent release of ArtPro+ boosts productivity even more with an impressive number of new features and updates.

Frank Woltering, Product Manager Prepress & Platemaking at Esko, highlights some of the coolest additions to the new version of this powerful packaging prepress software.

Frank Woltering 

“ArtPro+ is a simple, efficient and effective tool designed to support customers, whatever their skill level. For those new to the software, this means very little training is required to successfully perform complex prepress tasks.”

Frank Woltering, Product Manager Prepress & Platemaking at Esko

Record number attend world-leading tech event, EskoWorld

The 28th edition of one of the largest technology-focused events in the packaging industry, EskoWorld, once again sustained its yearly growing popularity. EskoWorld brought together 550 brands and their suppliers from across the packaging and print sector to discover, demonstrate and discuss the latest innovations that can add value to their businesses.

Melissa Plemen, Director Marketing North America at Esko, believes the event offered exactly what the participants wanted, since it’s curated alongside and with the input of customers.

Melissa Plemen

“Among their peers, packaging professionals learn how they can gain new capabilities, using Esko tools to deliver error-free packaging for their customers faster than ever before.”

Melissa Plemen, Director Marketing North America at Esko

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