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What’s new for converters in WebCenter 18?

Social media style Instant messaging
Further streamline communication and discussions within the project context and within the viewer.

3D annotations
Speed up approval cycles and catch more errors through realistic 3D mockups.

Understand the root cause of approval delays
Capture the reason for rejection. Keep track of the number of approval iterations to drive continuous improvement on project velocity.

Configurable/personalized dashboard
Improve on time delivery. Configurable and personalized dashboards help focus on priorities to meet all deadlines/milestones.

WebCenter 18 - Add the extra dimension to your packaging management process
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Capture the right information right from the start:

  • Order Forms
  • Production requests
  • New artwork requests
  • Sales request

Improve efficiency by getting the right task done by the right stakeholder at the right time:

  • File uploads
  • Checklists & Validation
  • Integration

WebCenter 18 - 3D annotation
  • Approval cycle optimization with accountability, traceability and verifiability: view, Annotate, Approve all type of packaging files including CAD / Structural Files
  • Easily switch from 2D to 3D. Reduce approval time by grouping all packaging elements together
  • Invite external users for approvals with the Approval Link
  • Automated file checking & Quality control

Unique in WebCenter:

  • Annotation directly on 3D assets
  • Further reduce approval times & iterations by showing all packaging elements together during review and approval
  • Capturing the reasons for rejection & number of approval iterations: continuously speed up approval cycles by understanding the root cause of the delays

Process Management

WebCenter 18 offers the most advanced workflow capabilities on a Packaging Management System

  • Program Management brings the ability to share status, assets, dependencies, and other metadata between hierarchical projects
  • Increase efficiency and transparency on your project management by closely tracking project timeline and milestones.
  • Reduce human intervention through the Business Rules Engine

WebCenter 18 allows task delegation

  • Delegate work for a period of time or permanently
  • Process flexibility in case of reorg, illness or holiday

WebCenter 18 comes with advanced timeline management

  • Approval and task due dates can be linked to milestones
  • Setting correct expectations internally and externally
WebCenter 18 - Timeline

Search & Reports

WebCenter 18 offers intelligent, customizable dashboards with real-time status udpates.

  • Configurable dashboards and reporting based on what you can search.
  • Instant overview of to dos and project statuses
  • Insights into how long each step in the process takes. Transparency into bottlenecks
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