What’s new in ArtPro+ 18

ArtPro+ is ready to take over prepress production at print service providers and packaging converters.

Ready to take over production

The new version of ArtPro+ requires fewer clicks to complete tasks, features faster open and saving of files with native PDF, faster trapping, and dramatic simplification of task automation within both the editor and Automation Engine without any need for scripting.

Trapping simulation in ArtPro+


The majority of the PDF artwork we receive today is processed through ArtPro+. It works just great to run our prepress production: we measured an increase in productivity and improved our service and customer satisfaction.

Isidore Leiser, CEO Stratus Packaging

PDF Action Lists

Do it once in the editor and repeat it many times with an Action List. This automation can be done by anyone without any special know-how or IT skills. This feature means a productivity boost for every operator.

Active use of ArtiosCAD intelligence

ArtPro+ is the only editor that actively uses the CAD intelligence of the structural design.  This means that the same file can be used for any output. In other editors, output for specific purposes such as proof, reporting, production and finishing require a variant of the master file. ArtPro+ leverages the intelligence of the CAD data to maintain just a single file for all output purposes, eliminating file duplication, errors and the need for redundant tasks.

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Practical information

ArtPro+ is commercially available with the release of Esko Software Platform version 18 in June 2018. All ArtPro customers under maintenance contract worldwide are entitled to free upgrade to the ArtPro+ 18 version.

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