Managing Licenses and Upgrades on My Software

Take control of your software and licenses with

In this Productivity Tip, we want to help you make the most of one of our most popular online tools for customers:

Most of you already use MySoftware to download the software products that you purchased, but MySoftware really can do a lot more than that!

5 Reasons to use MySoftware for managing your Esko software and licenses

Here are just a few of the reasons why Esko users work with

  1. Download the latest available versions of your software products.
  2. Request and install upgrade licenses for your software products if your care plan includes access to software upgrades.
  3. View all your product keys, including activation data - see at a glance which licenses have been activated on which machines, or even which licenses have not been activated, and more.
  4. Easily assign and reassign subscriptions to your associates, or see which subscriptions have not been assigned yet.
  5. Upgrade on your own terms!

Get ready now

With the June release of the Esko Software Platform coming up, now is a good time to make sure you are ready to upgrade! All you need to access MySoftware is an Esko ID account linked to your company. Register here if you don't have an Esko ID yet - it only takes a minute and it is your key to all things Esko.

Tip: Depending on your company's Esko ID settings, you may also need to ask your Esko ID administrator to assign the Software and License Admin roles to your Esko ID.

With your Esko ID, sign in on to view all your available downloads. The MySoftware downloads page lists all the products for which you have a valid license, and if there is a new version or product available for which you, you'll be able to upgrade or install the new product in no time.

Take control of your upgrade process

If - like many of our customers who rely on Esko for their productivity - you have a care plan that includes software upgrades, consider taking control of your upgrade process by using MySoftware:

  • Just sign in on MySoftware to see if upgrades are available for your products.
  • Request upgrade licenses with a single click for products that you are entitled to that require a new license.
  • Download and install the new software with confidence, or get help from Esko Support for a guided or managed upgrade.

Manage your licenses

As a License Administrator, you can use the Licenses and Subscriptions views on My Software to get a detailed overview of your software product keys, right down to the nitty-gritty level of which product key has been activated on which computer. 

If any licenses are still available for activation, you'll be able to pick up on that too and download the product key files you need to activate those products where you need them.

Why don't you take control now?

Sign in on My Software and discover if you have any upgrades or new licenses waiting to be installed!

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