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One year into Esko Ideas - did your Idea make the cut?

If you use Esko products, but have never visited the Esko Support Community - and its Ideas section in particular - then you have been missing out on a unique chance to increase your productivity. We launched our Ideas platform, where Esko users share and vote on product enhancement ideas over a year ago, and we are proud to be able to share some of our first results with you! 

Join the Esko Community and see your own product Ideas realised

Thousands of Esko customers use the Esko Community, and its Ideas platform in particular, to communicate the product enhancement Ideas that would really make a difference to their specific workflow.

More often than not, they quickly discover that they are not alone with their wish: other Esko users see the Idea, recognise its value and vote it to the top of the rankings.

The most popular product Ideas are discussed by our product management team and added to our Product Roadmap.

Esko Ideas

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Some recently implemented Ideas

Looking back at our product releases in 2018, these are some of the top Ideas from the Community that we were able to bring to you:


Display the modification date of Automation Engine workflows, suggested by Bernard Shapiro (find out more)


Search for ArtiosCAD defaults, suggested by Guillermo Focanti (find out more)


Administrators can release locked network licenses in the Network License Manager, suggested by Christian Nehr (find out more)


Merge an ink with another ink in Imaging Engine, suggested by Marina Schilder (find out more)


Remove unused separations in ArtPro+, suggested by David Casier (find out more)


Change the order of public parameters in Automation Engine workflows, suggested by Max Singu (find out more)


Lock layers in ArtPro+, suggested by David Casier (find out more)


Tooltips display the corresponding keyboard shortcut in ArtiosCAD, suggested by Mauricio Yoshinari (find out more)


Of course, these are just some of the many ideas that have already been implemented or placed on our product roadmap. 

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