Esko has Acquired BLUE Software

Udo Panenka, President of Esko, and Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer of BLUE, talk about what this acquisition means for customers. Recorded at BLUE’s office in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


On 18 July 2018, Esko announced its acquisition of BLUE Software, LLC. This is exciting news for everyone involved, especially for our customers!

The acquisition of BLUE enhances Esko’s unique set of tools that enable brand owners and their partners to improve time to market and reduce cost and quality risk in the end-to-end packaging value chain.

(Picture on the right: Ali Moosani, President of BLUE Software, addresses BLUE Software employees with Udo Panenka, President of Esko.)

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Esko bought BLUE to help us achieve our vision, and that vision can be summed up in two words: Packaging Connected. Both Esko and BLUE are very strong in label and artwork management. BLUE has built more e-commerce capabilities for brand owners and the Esko tools extend more into the printer and converter space. Together we cover the entire packaging value chain, helping us build a longer bridge for our customers. This is Packaging Connected.

(Picture on the left: Udo Panenka, President of Esko and Ali Moosani, President of BLUE , address BLUE employees at the Chicago office.)

We are strengthening all of our global teams, including our R&D and Product Management teams, which means even more focus on current and future vision of our solutions, with more resources to gather more customer input and bring innovations to market faster. This will yield an integrated roadmap aligned with our larger community of customer expectations and needs.

The combined, best of breed teams, are coming together to support you on your journey to success. This will bring unmatched global coverage delivered by a single structure of sales and operations. This will increase the service level we can provide for our customers.

(Picture on the right: Udo Panenka (top left), President of Esko, Ali Moosani (top right), President of BLUE, and Heidi Larsen (foreground), VP Brand Integration Leader hosted an employee meeting at the Chicago office on July 27, 2018.)


BLUE will join Esko’s fit-for-purpose software tools for marketing and packaging in the Esko Platform for Brands: ArtiosCAD and Studio 3D virtualization tools, MediaBeacon’s digital asset management system, CAPE packaging optimization software and of course Automation Engine and WebCenter.

(Picture on the left: Udo Panenka, President of Esko, Ali Moosani, President of BLUE, and Heidi Larsen, VP Brand Integration Leader (center) met with many BLUE employees at their Chicago office last week to cast a vision for the integration of BLUE with Esko.)

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