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ArtPro 64-bit is coming


After updating to MacOS 10.13.4, ArtPro users will get an upfront 32-bit related warning message.

MacOS displays this warning because ArtPro is a 32-bit application. Apple has informed that High Sierra (macOS 10.13.x) will support 32-bit applications "without compromises".

However, Apple has also clearly indicated that it will not support 32bit applications indefinitely. Not to worry: ArtPro 64-bit is coming.

Not to worry: ArtPro 64-bit is coming in November

  1. To make sure ArtPro users with a maintenance contract can keep on using their software, we will release a 64-bit ArtPro 18.0 in November 2018.
  2. And don’t forget: after updating to MacOS 10.13.4, the current ArtPro will still work exactly the same as before.
  3. There’s also ArtPro+. With every new update, this hyper-modern packaging editor is gaining new capabilities and numerous ArtPro users have already migrated to ArtPro+. These users benefit from its unique clean task-driven user interface, blazing performance and support for your ArtPro-files. To allow you to complete migration to ArtPro+ at your own pace, we will continue to support ArtPro and PackEdge.
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