What’s new in WebCenter 16.1? Five highlights!

The newest version of WebCenter has a lot to offer. We’re looking at 5 highlights.

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1Program management

The new hierarchical project structure makes it easier to keep track of projects and of the Master parent project (a.k.a. the program). Users can seamlessly share statuses, assets, dependencies, and other metadata between projects through the new Business Rule Engine.

The result is efficient campaign management with full visibility between Program, Project, and Deliverables. A powerful yet configurable dashboard displays all relevant information at a glance.

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What's new in WebCenter: Program management

What's new in WebCenter: Content management

2Content management
nutrition fact tables

WebCenter offers content management functionality which allows users to manage not only artwork but also the content in that artwork.

WebCenter 16.1's ability to manage Nutrition Fact Tables helps companies affected by regulatory changes, they can now make a seamless and controlled transition to comply with the new regulations. Users report a 60% efficiency increase in updating existing artworks with the new Nutrition Fact Table layout.

What’s more, there are tools to create and update artwork based on structured content. The Dynamic Content plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® allows users to create links between the copy and the graphical files. WebCenter acts as a single source to create, manage and approve all content.

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3Improved operational reporting

WebCenter 16.1 boosts the reporting possibilities. You can use the reports to analyze where you bring value but they also help identifying gaps and areas for improvement. Keep track of your team’s projects and KPIs.

Extended operational reporting comes with drill down capabilities. Search-based reporting unlocks the power of WebCenter. There’s support for a wide range of charts and you can add reports to your own workspace.

Make sure that WebCenter offers the information that your business requires through configurable dashboards. Higher transparency translates into increased project management efficiency.

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What's new in WebCenter: Improved operational reporting

What's new in WebCenter: Support for Office file types

4Support for Office file formats

The WebCenter viewer now supports Word and PowerPoint file types which allows users to view, annotate, compare and approve files.

The ability to render files as (rasterized) images allows easy comparison of the document’s layout or graphical content. Rendering files as SVG makes the comparison of text content possible; it also offers unlimited zooming ability.

The support for Office files gives users the possibility to manage packaging and non-packaging processes and projects within WebCenter.

5Integrate packaging
& marketing programs

Add sophisticated asset management to your packaging management; this integrates your marketing and packaging creation. This allows brands to build a single source of truth for all marketing and packaging campaigns. By using a single depository for brand assets, companies reduce risk and data duplication.

Companies can use a single solution to manage both physical and digital assets. Sharing data and assets with the supply chain becomes very straightforward. But it also keeps the internal teams aligned.

Further, digital and physical channels are no longer separate consumer facing platforms. Whether we're talking social media, printed media, e-commerce, on-shelf packaging and more, Esko helps deliver your brand and packaging the way you envisioned it, consistently across all channels.

What's new in WebCenter: MediaBeacon integration

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