Instant bottom line profit with right sized packaging

Today’s brands must be responsive to market trends to capture every consumer action they can.

Keeping up with these fast changing trends impacts your product’s packaging in some way: size, shape, copy or graphics may need to be altered. Most brands change something related to each of their products every 12 to 18 months, if not sooner.

Learn how to get control over these changes through right sizing, and how that may improve your business.


What is ‘right sizing’?

Right sizing means you adapt packaging in size, shape, weight or volume.

Such small changes have an even bigger impact the further you move through the supply chain: secondary packaging, transporting and warehousing may all be affected.

Capturing and executing right sizing early on in the design process gives you immediate efficiencies and cost savings, as well as better control over your product and packaging innovation lifecycle.


Unparalleled benefits

Save costs

The cost savings of product right sizing are immediately detectable. Every dollar saved is added profit to your company’s bottom line. And all of this without raising your price, selling more products or increasing your market share.


Reduce your carbon footprint

You can equally implement right sizing for sustainability reasons. Minor modifications in your product’s packaging have a direct impact on the use of material, the number of boxes stored on one pallet, the truck load scheme, the number of truck miles driven and the carbon dioxide emission.


How can you start right sizing?

Esko provides innovative solutions for the packaging industry.


Which tools to use for right sizing?

Smart software tools from Esko cater to your brand’s right sizing needs, and forecast the impact on your business:

Cape Pack is the world’s leading right sizing software that helps determining the best product size, from a logistics angle.

ArtiosCAD is the world’s most used structural design software for packaging design. When integrated with the Cape software, the packaging design and shipping are optimally aligned.


Studio is a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design. The virtual mock-up of your right sized packaging, speeds up approval cycles and consequently time-to-market.

With Studio Store Visualizer you test your design on virtual shop shelves, among products of your competitors. It allows an educated decision on what type of right sizing your product might need to obtain more consumer attention.

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