NEW: Kongsberg Take Up Unit

At SGIA, Esko will showcase a prototype of the new Take Up Unit for flexible materials. This Take Up Unit makes roll to roll workflows easier: finishing digitally printed jobs on rolls, and collecting waste, becomes very straightforward.

The Take Up unit is simple to install for any Kongsberg i-XL, Kongsberg XN, Kongsberg XP and Kongsberg C table equipped with a conveyor feed system. The unit is hassle-free to operate and can easily be moved away when it’s not needed.

The Kongsberg Take Up Unit is indispensable for roll to roll cutting of flexible materials like Adhesive vinyl, Textile, Banner material…

Winding roll to roll

The Kongsberg Take Up unit is perfect for kiss-cutting adhesive vinyl. The cut material ends up on a neatly wound roll so it becomes easier to handle in the rest of the workflow (e.g. when stripping and adding application tape).

Winding up waste material

Separating the waste from your finished material can be a hassle. It takes time, effort, and your waste bin fills up quickly. What’s more, when the operator is cleaning, the Kongsberg cutting table is not producing.

The Kongsberg Take Up Unit makes this a whole lot easier and cost efficient. Separating the finished job from the waste goes automatically, waste becomes compact and more manageable, and the Kongsberg table is ready for the next job so much quicker. The finished material ends up in the integrated collector basket; the waste material is wound on another roll.

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