3 new Kongsberg tools further enable creative applications

The wide variety of Kongsberg tools is what truly enables customers to extend their offerings and expand their businesses with the most creative use of materials and applications.

On top of the more than hundred high-quality cutting blades, router bits and accessories for Kongsberg cutting tables, 3 new tools are available:

  • the psaligraphy knife tool
  • the perforation wheel
  • the braille too

Unleash creativity with the psaligraphy knife tool

The psaligraphy tool cuts the finest details in paper and folding carton at an unsurpassed speed. This is a perfect tool for greeting cards, promotional items or folding carton samples.


Psaligraphy tool application psaligraphy example Psaligraphy tool application


See the psaligraphy tool at work



Save time with the perforation wheel

Before, it would take about 40 seconds to cut 1 meter of a 3x3 perforation pattern with knife cutting. The new 60 mm perforation wheel only needs 2 seconds!

The braille tool creates raised dots on most rigid materials of more than 1 mm thick and is mainly used in the signage production.

A bright future ahead with Kongsberg cutting tables

For 50 years now, customers increase productivity and creativity with high performance Kongsberg technology. By continuously adding more substrates and high precision tools to the portfolio, we guarantee our customers exciting innovations in the next 50 years.

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