How Pragati Offset saves a million dollars per press each year with Equinox

India’s pioneering print innovator, Pragati Offset, notices significant productivity gains by printing with a fixed set of 7 inks.

Converting packaging graphics to a fixed ink set

Years ago, Mr. Harsha Paruchuri, Director of Pragati, was already intrigued by Equinox. At that time Equinox was in an early beta stage.

Equinox converts packaging artwork with any number of CMYK or spot colors to a fixed ink set. Depending on the type of press you have, this will be 7, 6 or 5 colors. This is called extended gamut – or fixed ink set – printing.

Million dollar benefits

Mr. Paruchuri is very clear about the benefits of using this innovative software for extended gamut printing:

  • In matching process and spot colors with a fixed set of 7 inks, there is no need to wash up a press for every job.
  • In turn this promotes gang press runs.
  • Hence the economic savings can surpass a million dollars per press each year.

Pragati press

“A lot of time and money can be saved by not having to wash a million dollar press for 15 to 20 minutes to get the correct shade. The productivity gains by not having to wash-up and change inks are significant, especially if there are a lot of shorter run jobs.”

Mr. Harsha Paruchuri, Director Pragati Offset, Hyderabad, India

Pragati Offset logo

About Pragati Offset

Based in Hyderabad, Pragati Offset is a pioneer in the print industry in India. In the past 17 years, Pragati Offset has become one of the leading packaging and label printers in the country, winning many national and international awards. Pragati covers the full gamut of print needs - from brochures and catalogues, over folding cartons and labels, to luxury rigid cartons and point-of-sale material. Among their esteemed customers are Coca Cola, Unilever and Toyota.

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