PANTONE® Extended Gamut Guide: powered by Equinox

For the first time PANTONE has added an 'Extended Gamut Guide' to its well-known series of color guidebooks.

This new color communication guide is printed using a 7 color expanded gamut ink set rather than the spot color inks used for the regular Pantone guides.

Brand integrity through color

Accurate color communication is key to maintaining brand integrity.

In recent years brands and converters have been looking to improve efficiency and reduce time to market, using expanded gamut printing.

An industry survey found that 12-15% of packaging may already be printed with expanded gamut, and a reasonable prediction is that this will rise to 50% by 2020.

Visual reference for printing spot colors in extended gamut

The 'Extended Gamut Guide' provides a visual reference guide for use by brands, designers and the supply chain to show how the PANTONE colors can be reproduced in Extended Gamut. It was printed using a standard Expanded Gamut (XG) ink set specified by PANTONE, with the accurate color builds being generated by Esko’s Equinox software.

Assessing the printing method in the design stage

The availability of this color guide will help designers and brand owners to use extended gamut with confidence since they can make judgments on when it is best to use spot color, expanded gamut or CMYK in their packaging. So as a result, converters and prepress providers can expect more interest in implementing extended gamut in the workflow.

A matching color conversion with Equinox

Implementation of Expanded Gamut at the converter requires a good tool set.

Equinox is the ideal solution. Based on printing process and substrate, Equinox can profile the press and calculate the optimum color conversion to match the PANTONE Extended Gamut reference.

Equinox and the new PANTONE guide are truly complementary products that will help the industry to reap the benefits of Extended Gamut Printing.

Learn more about the PANTONE Extended Gamut Coated Guide here.

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