What’s new in Cape Pack 2.15?

The latest release of Cape Pack palletization software comes with a whole list of new functionality!

Here is a selection.

Selection of new features in Cape Pack 2.15

ArtiosCAD to Cape Pack to WebCenter
  • 3D PDF viewer
  • Instant toolbar access to ArtiosCAD and WebCenter
  • Inverted cylinder nesting patterns
  • Partial top layers
  • Truckloading enhancements for Arrange, Design, KDF and Folding Carton Arrange Programs
  • Add volumetric measurements to exported information
  • Report actual net weight to folding carton analyses

Cape Pack 3D PDF viewer

3D PDF viewer

With a click on the 3D PDF button in the toolbar, you can change the viewing angle of the pallet load and manipulate it in Adobe PDF Viewer.

WebCenter Connector

On the one hand the WebCenter Connector opens native Cape Pack CLF files stored in WebCenter.

On the other hand it allows the upload of designs, JPGs and all the meta data to WebCenter upon completion of your analysis.

WebCenter connector screen

Inverted Cylinders

In addition to the row/column patterns and nested patterns that Cape Pack already offers, inverted cylinders have been added to the program.

  • This option will allow you to take full advantage of the space available on the pallet or in the case by inverting cone shaped cylinders and nesting the tapered sides together.

row pattern

nesting pattern

inverted nesting pattern

row pattern nesting pattern inverted nesting pattern

Partial Top Layers

The Partial Top Layers feature takes full advantage of the maximum weight allowed for either the pallet load or the truck load.

  • If the product weight is too great to fully cube out a container or pallet load, the program will suggest partial top layers of product until the maximum weight is reached.

partial top layer pallet load 

partial top layer truck load 

partial top layer pallet load partial top layer truck load

How to obtain Cape Pack 2.15?

  • New customers can buy Cape Pack 2.15 in the Esko Store and receive 2.15 licenses.
  • Existing customers on maintenance with Cape Pack 2.13 are entitled to version 2.15.
  • Cape Pack 2.15 is available for download on MySoftware.
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