Boost production on your Kongsberg table with MultiZone

Did you know that a Kongsberg table is up to the task of continuous production?

If your Kongsberg table is equipped with i-cut Production Console, and has more than one vacuum zone, you are basically ready for MultiZone Production.


What is MultiZone Production?

In MultiZone Production the total work area of the Kongsberg cutting table is separated into two or more working zones.

That way the production continuously alternates between the zones.

In turn this means your table is never inactive and your throughput increases.

See for yourself

Ready to find out how you can get started right away? Watch this short video and enjoy using MultiZone.



Working with MultiZone is designed for a production environment where a number of copies of the same item is needed.

You can opt for a step-and-repeat with one sheet per zone.

Or, to boost production even more, you can also install a step-and-repeat on multiple sheets in one zone.

Either way, while the machine is working in one zone, you can offload finished jobs and prepare sheets in another zone.

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