How Massilly North America slashes costs and turnaround times with its automated prepress workflow

Massilly North America decided to bring prepress capabilities in-house.
The newly installed CtP system is driven by Esko’s packaging-centric preproduction technology.

Full process control of the prepress workflow

  • Adobe® Illustrator® is used for design and trapping, driven by Esko DeskPack PowerTrapper for Illustrator.
  • Automation-Engine then takes the file and drives the rest of the process.
  • Plato automatically conducts the step & repeat functions, providing optimized sheet layouts.
  • FlexProof provides color-accurate contract proofs.
  • Device independent FlexRip delivers flexibility and quality control tools to ensure plate consistency and accuracy during RIPping, sending the final file to the platesetter.

Making a plate in minutes

“Esko’s software is the Cadillac of prepress packaging software. It’s an invaluable tool, a must have, for any prepress department in this industry. Attempting to do what we do in the packaging industry would be cumbersome with any other workflow. We shake our heads, thinking about where we were just two months ago before we installed the system.”

Julius Stampacchia, Quality Assurance Manager, Massilly North America

Major improvements through in-house plate production

  • greatly reduced turnaround time for plates and artwork
  • improved quality of plates

“Now, we can turn around every job the same day.”

Julius Stampacchia, Quality Assurance Manager, Massilly North America

Global production workflow with WebCenter

Massilly North America is looking to WebCenter, Esko’s collaborative web-based project management system, to exchange plate files with the Massilly corporate headquarters in France. The idea is to print the same jobs locally in France.

About Massilly

Based in Ontario, Canada, Massilly North America is a subsidiary of The Massilly Group, a leading global supplier of closures, food cans, decorative tins, and aerosol cans through 20 subsidiaries located around the world. The mission of Massilly North America Inc. is to be the best manufacturer and supplier of metal twist closures and sealing machines for the food and beverage industry.

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