How Malhar Digicomm wins big brands projects

Investing in a Kongsberg XN digital cutting table proves a recipe for success.

It allowed display manufacturer Malhar Digicomm to win projects for global brands and big retailers.

“We understood we could not work manually anymore”

Before, Malhar Digicomm was producing the complicated displays manually. This simply required too much time.

They were also outsourcing jobs. The results were not always satisfying.

Mr. Milind Deshpande, Managing Partner of Malhar Digicomm, says:

“The POP business is growing fast, but you have to offer brand owners and retail customers a good solution or you will not be able to keep them as customers. We understood that we could not work manually anymore.”

The Kongsberg table does most of the work

Malhar Digicomm wanted a cutting table that would work quickly and continuously, and with a good quality cut.

The company invested in a Kongsberg XN, a high-speed cutting and creasing device with precise registration.

The success followed in less than a year! While production has tripled, fewer people work in the production area than ever before. Malhar Digicomm is now able to cater projects for big brands, such as Volkswagen and GM Electricals.

Significant cost and time savings

Malhar Digicomm also invested in dedicated display software.

  • i-cut Suite resulted in significant material savings.
  • ArtiosCAD software makes the structural design of 3D displays simple and straightforward.

About Malhar Digicomm

Based in Mumbai, Malhar Digicomm manufactures point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) display products for retail outlets. This includes freestanding displays, end-aisle displays, and shelf displays. It prints on diverse materials and even does custom molding as part of its displays. The company’s recent and rapid success started with its investment in digital printers and the Kongsberg XN with i-cut technology and ArtiosCAD software for structural design for its 3D displays. Today they cater to projects in the range of 1,000 to 5,000 pieces.

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