Why you should consider a digital finishing table for your business

Do you feel that cutting and finishing of your print jobs is slowed down by manual labor or subcontracting?
Then you could consider bringing finishing in-house with a digital cutter.

Check out the huge potential of an entry level digital cutting table specifically addressing your signage and display production needs.




Solid entry level table

Did you know that the Kongsberg series have an entry level table?

The Kongsberg V is a digital cutting table that is extremely solid and very easy to operate. With its competitive pricing comes a standard configuration that covers most finishing needs in the signage and display segment.

The Kongsberg V for signage and display production reads registration marks from a digital printer. That way it cuts contours on the printed piece in whatever shape.


Perfect is the standard

The Kongsberg V table finishes every job with clean edges. Even on the most demanding substrates, like acrylic and MDF. Perfect cutting results are the standard, also on large production volumes.

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