How to keep up to speed with your large format digital printer?

The throughput of today’s digital printers is extraordinary. Often these fast presses are referred to as ‘monsters pushing out products’.

But how can your finishing department manage that tremendous output?

There are two ways to keep up with your large format printer:

  • Make sure that your cutting table is up to the task
  • Streamline your prepress with dedicated software


Choose a cutting table that is a match for your press

Large format signage and display manufacturer, Great Big Color, from Denver, Colorado, chose to invest in a digital cutting table that is able to keep up with the speedy output of its digital printers. Its Kongsberg cutting table fully addresses the company's large format digital finishing needs.


"We had invested in a fast flatbed digital printer capable of working with 5x10-foot materials. We really had no choice but to invest in a finishing table that could handle that output. The Kongsberg XP was a matter of a trifecta of speed, price and quality. The only other machine we evaluated was not only more expensive, but was not as fast. We also liked the size of the Kongsberg XP table."

- Tina McLaughlin, Great Big Color President and Owner


Streamlined production with integrated software solutions

Often your customers send you files that are not quite ready to print yet.

And after preflighting them, you still need to prepare cutting paths and nest the jobs on the substrate for the most economical print possible.

All these steps in your workflow can be automated easily.

Large format signage and display manufacturer, Verdú Digital in Spain, invested in several Esko software solutions. The software streamlines the entire printing and cutting workflow in order to accommodate the company’s increased print capacity.

i-cut Layout is a software program that allows us to make projects more profitable. It enables us to save on material and preparation time but also helps us to reduce delivery time." explains Vicente Verdú, Commercial Director of Verdú Digital.




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