New front-end for Kongsberg tables: i-cut Production Console

The i-cut Production Console, or iPC, is a user friendly front-end operating system for Kongsberg cutters. It is designed to run every imaginable application, regardless of your industry.

Simple interface, more capabilities

The intuitive front-end translates in a graphical interface with easy to understand icons. Operators can pause a run, complete an urgent job or make a quick prototype, and then return to the first batch of work.

It enables an operator to do other tasks while managing the production on a Kongsberg table. The result is maximized capacity and uptime with increased efficiency.

One interface for all finishing applications

Whether you’re in the packaging business, sign making industry, display production or sample making trade, the i-cut Production Console features one common user interface.

It combines the entire feature set of the XL-Guide – previously tailored for packaging applications – and i-cut Vision Pro – formerly the industry standard front-end for cutting and short run productions.

The i-cut Production Console is available for Kongsberg XN (except Flexo bundles), V, XP and C. Existing customers are offered an upgrade of their Kongsberg table.

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