How Delinear increases revenue up to 25%

Delinear, one of the most prominent trade shops in Brazil, has been able to automate its workflow and deliver better quality flexo plates than ever.


With the help of an Esko Full-HD-Flexo plate system and Automation Engine workflow.

Delinear CDI

We are getting results that we never saw before,” says Leandro Lúcio da Silva, Technical Director at Delinear in São Paulo.

Better flexo plates with Full HD Flexo

With the steady growth of flexible packaging and the urgent nature of the work, Delinear wants to be agile enough to develop new packaging quickly.

The immediate benefits of Full HD Flexo for Delinear are:

  • smooth gradients to zero
  • details are crisp and the solid density is much stronger
  • plates created with Full HD Flexo are easier to transfer ink to the substrate, and are more durable

"In Bahia, we will soon install the first Full HD Flexo system in the northeast, which we believe will increase our revenue with 15 to 25%," says Lúcio.

Working much faster with Automation Engine

Delinear has always looked for quality and automation. They like Automation Engine so much that they now work exclusively with this software, and promote their plates under the name of ‘Full Flat’.

The immediate benefits of Automation Engine for Delinear are:

  • greater speed and quality
  • automation of 65% of the total work volume
  • flexible and error free

"As soon as we tested and saw the uniqueness of Esko Automation Engine we believed it would be the best solution for us. Our workflow is more flexible and requires very little intervention with fewer errors – and we are working faster," explains Lúcio.

About Delinear

Delinear, founded in 1990 and headquartered in São Paulo, is among the major trade shops in Brazil. It offers prepress services, image processing, digital proofs and conventional and digital photopolymer flexo plates.

In order to meet the growing needs of their many customers in other regions of the country, Delinear opened offices in Manaus and Bahia to assure quality, service and fast delivery. The company's 76 employees service more than 2,000 major and important clients. Delinear can produce digital plates of any thickness and is the only company in Brazil able to produce plates for corrugated, up to 1400mm x 2200mm in size.

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