Find out how converters are optimizing their design process

The corrugated and folding carton converting market today has a number of distinct challenges:

  • Shorter time-to-market cycles
  • Producing projects on an increasingly global basis
  • The need to add value to retain customers
  • Greater emphasis on lean business practices: waste and redundancy must be reduced to a minimum
  • Making data and files accessible across multiple users, sites and systems

Find out how ArtiosCAD Enterprise help companies to make significant headway

What customers say about ArtiosCAD Enterprise

The power of having a reliable central database means we are assured of the integrity of the data that we keep for the entire corporation; especially with the web-centered position of the database.
- Kenneth Miess, Senior Packaging Engineer, Victory Packaging

In the past, we have had instances where a number of designers in the same office have picked up the same job and started working on it. With ArtiosCAD, users can see what stage a job has reached and who the last person to work on it was. That means that there is no likelihood of this unnecessary redundancy occurring, obviously saving time and improving productivity.
- Andis Skujenieks, Baltics Sales and Marketing Manager, Stora Enso Packaging

How can Esko help?

ArtiosCAD Enterprise is a web-accessible central platform that extends the scope of your existing ArtiosCAD software. Read more on the ArtiosCAD pages.

  • Web-accessible, central database with user login security.
  • All stakeholders can save and retrieve assets (CAD, PDF, Word, Excel, 3D...).
  • Full relational database allows easy and flexible searching and sharing.
  • Offline database caching and autosynchronization.
  • Bridges the gap between departments (between Sales, Structural Design, Graphics, Estimating, Production…)
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