How Cape software reduces packaging and shipping costs

Slightly altering shape or size of your product packaging can significantly reduce your material and shipping costs.

Cape-Pack palletizing software allows you to determine the best product case size, build efficient pallet patterns and improve material and space utilization.

Optimizing shipping by optimizing packaging design

By optimizing packaging design you improve the amount of products that fit on a pallet, in a truck or in a container.

It enables you to create sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and shipping alternatives.

How Esko and Cape Systems Optimize Packaging for Palletization - Brad Leonard

See how it works

Brad Leonard, Global Business Development - Cape, talks to What They Think's Pat Henry.

Brad explains how Cape pallet loading software helps you to reduce shipping costs.

Extensive integration with other Esko software tools

From within the Cape Pack user interface, other Esko software is directly accessible:

  • Cape Pack seamlessly integrates with ArtiosCAD, the world’s most popular structural design application for packaging.
  • This allows you to define shipper dimensions in Cape Pack and automatically create structural design files and die lines in ArtiosCAD. 
  • Cape Pack equally uploads loading reports and all the metadata to Webcenter, a web-based platform that manages packaging pre-production specification, approval and project life cycle.
    • This is vital for global organizations, so they have all the product data and pallet loading schemes available at any time anywhere in the world.

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