3 reasons to automate your prepress workflow

Tradeshops and converters are under constant pressure:

  • Print runs are getting shorter
  • Jobs need to be pushed through faster
  • Margins are getting hit
  • But quality is always important

Automation can help

Truly successful packaging and label printers automate their prepress.
It allows them to increase productivity and quality at the same time.

By automating prepress tasks you:

  • speed up the production process
  • reduce the error rate
  • reduce the need for operator intervention

When integrated with your business system you even take your production level and efficiency to an entirely new level.

Find out how

3 reasons to automate your packaging workflow

Download the guide 3 reasons to automate your prepress workflow

and find out:
  • what the benefits of workflow automation are
  • how to improve quality by automating your prepress workflow
  • which standard tasks can be automated
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