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Aug 01, 2022

The ultimate toolbox for efficient packaging design

20 years of experience result in the strongest collection of dedicated tools for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and die-making.

Executive summary

Worldwide, there are tens of thousands skilled packaging and display designers working with a wide range of tools.

This document gives an overview of the functionality any structural designer needs to work more efficiently and accurately.

Learn how Esko’s ArtiosCAD, the number one structural editor, makes designers more productive.

Functionality no packaging designer should be without:

  1. Dedicated 2D and 3D drafting tools
  2. Integration with Adobe® Illustrator®
  3. A library of packaging and displays standards
  4. A library of packaging materials
  5. Export 3D models to communicate with your customers
  6. Generate assembly instruction movies
  7. Export bill of materials reports for multi component displays
  8. Import from and export to other CAD software
  9. Die making tools
  10. Integration with palletization software

To find out more about how ArtiosCAD can help you with designing packaging and displays, download our guide below.

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The ultimate toolbox for efficient packaging design

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