The importance of integrated and up-to-date software solutions cannot be overstated as we move into the ‘new normal’ - Esko

December 16, 2020

The importance of integrated and up-to-date software solutions cannot be overstated as we move into the ‘new normal’

Digitizing the process by which packaging is made is already key to delivering long-term business success. As we emerge from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis into a ‘new normal’ with fragile supply chains, volatile demand and a changing retail landscape, the importance of improving operational processes, lowering costs and delivering client loyalty is more vital than ever.

But it is also vital businesses remember that taking that first step on the digital journey is just that – a first step. What is just as important is ensuring that whichever integrated software and tools a business uses to digitize, automate and connect provides a better and most optimal experience for the end-user. Without their buy-in, any digital transformation scenario is bound to go south. As basic as it seems, the importance of updates, improvements and new innovations in existing digital tools cannot be overstated.

In the wake of the pandemic, Esko has doubled down on enabling businesses to continue, and even accelerate, their journey of digital transformation and to meet head-on the challenges faced both today and on the horizon. An optimal end-user experience is the key guiding principal. For example, with the latest software update release, brands and packaging converters can now access a greater range of functions that streamline processes, improve productivity and importantly add value across the entire packaging value chain.

From packaging management solutions like WebCenter to the industry leading structural design tool ArtiosCAD, the award-winning flexo software Print Control Wizard through to the recent InterTech honored ArtPro+, the Esko Software 20.1 update includes a raft of updates and innovative new features to deliver operational efficiency improvements to any user.

As the industry continues to navigate the fallout from the global pandemic, the ability to digitize, automate and connect will be crucial to businesses. To deploy the latest updates from provides benefits to the business not only in the form of greater accuracy, efficiency and consistency across a design and print workflow, but also for the end-user, the operator, the expert on the production floor. This is key to the success of any digital transformation journey.

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