ArtPro+: Next generation prepress editor

July 07, 2022

More than 25 ways to eliminate prepress errors with ArtPro+

Editing incoming files is dangerous. It is easy to miss issues and introduce errors unintentionally

Use ArtPro+ to make your files print ready. Identify print quality issues automatically and edit and fix all the items that need your attention.

ArtPro+ comes with a powerful arsenal of prepress functionality. Making packaging and labels files press ready has never been this easy or this quick.

1. Extract and link embedded images

Using Extract and Link you can extract embedded images and replace them by a linked image.

2. Activate fonts automatically

Integration with Extensis Universal Type Server significantly reduces time spent on copy changes. The necessary fonts are activated automatically, and text changes can be completed with total confidence.

3. Activate fonts automatically

ArtPro+ recognizes text objects in a PDF and combines them into meaningful textboxes. New character and font recognition functionality turns outlined fonts into editable text. Text changes in outlined text can now be performed as efficiently as working with live text.

4. Compare files

Compare the current document with a reference file. ArtPro+ will calculate and highlight the visual differences

5. Trap your files with ease

ArtPro+ offers expert trapping functionality. With the aesthetic trapping technology even trapping complex designs becomes a matter of minutes.

To discover all the ways ArtPro+ can help you eliminate prepress errors, download our free guide below.

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More than 25 ways to eliminate prepress errors with ArtPro+

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