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June 26, 2020

Driving digital transformation with the Esko Digital Maturity Model

Digitizing the process by which packaging is made is the key to delivering long-term business success. Improving operational processes, lowering costs and delivering client loyalty are all vital in whatever economic environment emerges from the current global crisis.

Esko recently unveiled its Digital Maturity Model (DMM) for Packaging Suppliers, a new program supporting companies on their journey to digital transformation. The five-stage maturity model is already helping businesses achieve success by making step wise, strategically correct decisions.

The program was developed by Esko as a result of analyzing hundreds of customers’ operations worldwide. The new whitepaper and interactive maturity assessment tool for customers presents a strategic model, to guide businesses along their entire journey to digital maturity.

The DMM whitepaper brings expertise from hundreds of customers together to inspire print and packaging converter businesses with four strategies to drive their digital transformation journey. Using an online self-assessment tool, the first purpose of the model is to determine a customer’s current position in their journey, before then helping define how they can progress.

To support this second objective, the whitepaper outlines four strategies to help the customer level up and discover how to:

  • Improve productivity in individual departments and teams by adopting automation
  • Drive efficiency gains across your entire business
  • Increase client loyalty with improved levels of service satisfaction
  • Enjoy increased overall profitability through a complete digital transformation

Take the next step on your digital transformation with the DMM whitepaper

Addressing leadership concerns and workflow steps across every area of a packaging and print business, the model enables converters to develop their own roadmap to digital maturity through continuous dialogue and analysis.

The four digital transformation strategies are:

  • Manage risk – firstly, the whitepaper provides guidance on managing or mitigating anticipated risks to future success. This will be especially useful for companies that identify in the first two stages of digital maturity, Reactive and Organized.
  • Modernize – then, the whitepaper clearly details how those businesses in the Organized or Digitized stages of digital maturity can adopt a strategy of digital modernization, with a clear focus on continuous improvement.
  • Disrupt – the whitepaper examines whether an organization’s culture  and  leadership lends itself to being able to advance two stages of the model at a time, and whether such disruptive moves can be achieved.
  • Differentiate – finally, there is guidance and explanation of how driving one or several of the process steps to a higher stage delivers valuable competitive differentiation and advantage.

The Esko Digital Maturity Model for Packaging Suppliers strives to help business leaders, IT managers and operations staff better understand the prevailing mentalities and behaviors across their business, and in each process workflow step at each stage of digital maturity.

Have you taken the test yet?

Is your company making the most of the most of new technologies such as workflow automation in the cloud, web-based collaboration and smart systems integration? Understanding where your company is today in your journey of digital transformation is the only way to successfully outline the next steps. The Esko Digital Maturity Model will help you assess your own stage of digital transformation and show you possible ways to level up!

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The Digital Maturity Model for Packaging Suppliers is completely free, and available to download NOW

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