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March 24, 2021

Behind the scenes of software development – Esko R&D experts discuss the future of cloud computing

Esko recently published a new whitepaper that details how cloud computing can deliver freedom to companies, liberating their businesses and enabling prepress teams to rediscover their passion for the work. Now, the integrated solutions developer has pulled back the curtain on its own software engineering department, with a series of ‘Behind The Scenes’ video interviews featuring experts discussing the needs and benefits of moving to cloud-based solutions.

Each short video offers a different take on the Esko roadmap to cloud computing, with the first featuring Chief Software Architect Hans Dewitte. Hans lays out the issues that packaging prepress operators have encountered that have directly fed into the development of cloud solutions and discusses the exciting innovations he and his team have been working on.

“I think cloud computing works on three main problem areas,” Hans tells Jan De Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Strategy and Industry Relations. “Data, functionality, and computing power. It’s actually a very complex undertaking to make packaging which is ready bult for the store. And let’s not forget this is work that needs to be right first time. So, over time a lot of technology has been developed to help achieve this maintaining the data in a variety of different systems. Now, cloud systems do that better.”

In the first video, Hans discusses the challenges faced by businesses today, and how cloud-based solutions can help not only overcome these but deliver huge gains in terms of improved security, flexibility and computing horsepower.

“Cloud computing makes it easier to access data, it makes it easier to share data and makes it easier to deploy applications,” he says.

You can watch the first fascinating Behind The Scenes video now or to download your free copy of the Esko whitepaper, Cloud Freedom – delivering operational efficiency, data security and flexibility for print and packaging suppliers, visit here.

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