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Approval Management for Small and Medium Businesses or Departments

An online collaborative solution to manage the approvals of content with multiple stakeholders across different departments.

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See How Norseland Simplified Their Artwork Approval Processes with Share and Approve

With Share & Approve from Esko, the team at Norseland now conducts their review and approval tasks from a single source, eliminating the previous confusion and errors.

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How it Works

Upload and share your artwork with internal and external approvers
View and annotate artwork in both 2D and 3D
Reject or approve artwork

All from a single, online source designed to improve collaboration and speed to market. Share and Approve is a solution that can be implemented quickly and grow with your company and team.

Dedicated to Your Packaging Success

Many Departments Can Benefit from Share and Approve

  • Packaging. Share and approve is a unique inspection tool so packaging teams can get their label and artwork content ready on time and without errors.
  • Creative/Design. Creative and design teams can be confident they are working on the latest version and receive all feedback from a single, trackable source.
  • Marketing. Marketing teams can use Share and Approve to make sure they are using the approved versions of content for their marketing campaigns.
  • IT. Share and Approve is a key tool in the digital ecosystem to improve digital maturity and improve efficiency during the review process.
  • Regulatory. Share and Approve allows regulatory teams to track quality approvals and accuracy with an audit trail of approval and rejections.
  • Project Management. Project managers can gain insight through reporting metrics such as pending approvers, approval cycle length, and rejection analysis.

What Challenges do You Face? 

There are slowdowns caused by miscommunications across multiple departments in different locations, so it’s difficult to get packaging content approved in time to meet deadlines. There are too many versions to know if everyone is working on the right file. Multiple reviewers are providing feedback through different sources that can’t be tracked so feedback gets lost, updates are slow, and the level of content quality is uncertain.

This leaves everyone with the question: Am I using the correct, approved content for my task?

With Share and Approve you can empower your team to:

Increase Your Speed of Work

The tools you have in place are what enable your team to spend less time on repetitive, non-productive tasks and more time creating compelling artwork for your brand.

With a single, online source for sharing and approving content, your creative team knows where to go for all the content feedback and your approvers know where they need to submit their review and approval reasons.

The result: your teams can build strong visual content faster than ever.

Take Control of the Quality of Content

If your teams experience confusion about whether they are working on the right file and using the correct and complete feedback for updates, it’s time to take control.

With Share and Approve, only the latest versions of content are edited, shared, and reviewed. Each change, rejection, and approval is tracked so you know where, when, and why content was approved or rejected.

The result: Your teams can create consistent, quality, and error-free content.

Improve Collaboration from a Single Source

The way you enable your creatives, designers, and managers to work together impacts their productivity. Centralizing your approvals into a single source eliminates the need to search through inboxes, files, and multiple shared spaces to find the relevant information to complete tasks.

Share and Approve is an online approval tool that can fit into your most efficient workflow process so that your teams and departments can work together from a central source. When your team is engaged in a collaborative approach to content approval, your brand delivers.

The result: Streamlined communication and collaboration across departments and teams.

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