Software Solutions for Packaging Leaders

Missed deadlines, mistakes, recalls... the package design process is riddled with room for error. As a project manager for packaging, you’re responsible for specifications and initiatives across design, marketing, and supply chain functions. Esko | Brand Solutions enables process efficiency through one centralized location.

Challenges for Packaging Leaders

Slow Review & Approval Processes

Review and approval processes are the bane of many packaging leaders’ existences. They’re time consuming, confusing, and error prone. How do you manage feedback and furthermore, how do you make the process more efficient?

Lack of Visibility

It's easy to get lost in the process without a system in place to manage your team's projects, approvals, and artwork. Reduced visibility of the artwork workflow significantly slows productivity and makes it harder for team members to access what they need, when they need it.

Packaging Errors and Recalls

Processes that are inefficient, manual-intensive, and time-consuming lead to increased packaging error rates and recalls. There’s no digital solution, so you rely on manual data entry to complete tasks.

Proliferation of Content

The more SKUs you have, the more content you need. Whether you’re creating content for new product sizes, labels, languages, IFUs, leaflets, physical product packaging, or virtual images, there will always be something to update. It’s difficult to keep track of content and ensure its correct.

Solutions for Packaging Leaders

Artwork Workflow Management

Manage multiple reviews of multiple files in one, centralized location. Create an audit trail of feedback and changes to improve content and quality at each stage of the packaging process. Review and approval cycles are simplified, ensuring team members are working on the most up to date documents.

Single Source of Traceability

Remove the siloes from your cross-functional teams. With a software solution in place, you’ll ensure the right people are assigned to the right tasks. Track every step of the process, from project creation to launch and distribution.

Artwork Automation

Leveraging pre-approved content and artwork allows packaging stakeholders to reduce the possibility of errors and recalls. Get to market faster by eliminating manual tasks and improving cross-functional communication.

Easily Update and Re-purpose Existing Content

Utilizing a software solution helps you stay organized. Keep track of and update your content in one location. Generating efficiencies in your content process ensures you can be confident every step of the way.

Explore Software for Packaging Leaders

WebCenter Artwork Management

WebCenter is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that focuses on all aspects of successful brand packaging: shape, brand colors, and control of content. With WebCenter, you can manage packaging specifications, approvals, and project life cycle in one platform. Centralize project information and communication, improve accuracy and consistency, and launch new products faster. WebCenter integrates with interactive artwork inspection tools to drive quality control in an end-to-end platform. 

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MediaBeacon Digital Asset Management

With the MediaBeacon DAM, your teams can easily search for and find the exact digital files needed to produce marketing, design, and packaging content. MediaBeacon improves collaboration across departments and eliminates wasted time. Deliver omnichannel content efficiently by sharing assets through external links, brand portals, or download-only access.

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ArtiosCAD Structural Design

ArtiosCAD is a structural design software for brand packaging, specifically focusing on product development and virtual prototyping. With ArtiosCAD, you can create 3D packaging designs, resize them to fit a product, and check the physical limitations of your creations. Reduce manual processes and decrease the likelihood of costly mistakes and waste by allowing seamless inspection of designs before going to print.

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Studio 3D Design

Working directly in Adobe Illustrator, Studio is a quick and easy way to turn your brand's product designs into beautiful 3D images for faster executive approval. Save time and reduce costs by virtually viewing designs and providing feedback. Reduce the need for physical mockups and incorporate products into lifestyle photography.

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Store Visualizer Virtual Reality

Store Visualizer is a way to virtually enter a retail environment, test the visual impact of your designs, and determine the best shelf placement. Use virtual reality to understand consumer behavior and gain consumer insights.

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Cape Pack Palletization Software

This palletization software helps determine the best packaging product size, case count, case size, and pallet load. Brands around the world are using Cape Pack from Esko to utilize space more efficiently and create a sustainable packaging supply chain, reducing their ecological footprint.

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The Esko | Brand Solutions Impact

Every day, Esko | Brand Solutions helps companies worldwide create artwork, labels, and other content more efficiently. Our solutions unite packaging and marketing efforts across all participants. Use Esko to create synergies throughout your go-to-market process.

What Brands Love about Our Solutions:

  • Maximize the end-to-end label and artwork workflow
  • Connect all packaging and marketing teams, suppliers and agencies to a single source of truth
  • Ensure compliance and brand governance without decreasing productivity
  • Effortlessly scale to accommodate new products, new markets, and increasing SKU volumes