Software Solutions for Designers

As a designer, you’re constantly balancing your creativity with finding efficiencies in your process. Creating the best product packaging requires you to make new design iterations and artwork quickly. The digital toolkit from Esko | Brand Solutions enables you to create 3D and CAD designs, find creative briefs in a central repository, gain approvals from stakeholders, and produce right-first-time packaging, artwork, and labels.

Challenges for Designers

Review & Approval Processes

Artwork review processes often involve multiple stakeholders, making approvals an arduous task for designers. Feedback collected through emails, PDFs, printouts, and conversations make it difficult to know the real status of designs.


Getting feedback across from multiple stakeholders is difficult. Last-minute changes may affect the entire design which could delay the print date and restart the approval process. If a physical mockup needs to be adjusted, designers have to rework their creations and/or even start over. Online electronic reviews make the process easier by allowing users to identify mistakes before going to production.

Manual Processes

Physical mockups are time-consuming and error prone. Guesswork makes it nearly impossible to produce right-first-time packaging. It’s time to eliminate physical mockups and produce innovative package designs with ease.

Solutions for Designers

Artwork Workflow Management

Shorten the review process by accessing feedback in one centralized location. 3D design tools enable designers to collect feedback from approvers more efficiently. Utilizing the right software is essential in catching mistakes and saving time and money.

Automated Packshots

With 3D capabilities, designers create high-quality online renders that can be sent to multiple stakeholders. Automated packshots enable you to design and create digital prototypes that turn into marketing campaigns and physical products faster than ever.

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Structural Design Software

Eliminating physical mockups saves hours. With ArtiosCAD, designers can see what their packages look like before going to print, eliminating manual processes and saving on time and costs. Design and render packaging in 3D exactly as it would look on the store shelf.

Explore Software for Designers

WebCenter Artwork Management

WebCenter is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that focuses on all aspects of successful brand packaging: shape, brand colors, and control of content. It manages packaging specifications, approvals, and project life cycle. Centralize project information and communication all in one platform, improve accuracy and consistency, and launch new products faster.

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MediaBeacon Digital Asset Management

With the MediaBeacon DAM, your teams can easily search for and find the exact digital files needed to produce marketing, design, and packaging content. MediaBeacon improves collaboration across departments and eliminates wasted time. Deliver omnichannel content efficiently by sharing assets through external links, brand portals, or download-only access. Creatives increase their efficiency with a connector that allows them to search, access, and edit assets directly from the DAM through a window in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

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ArtiosCAD Structural Design

ArtiosCAD is a structural design software for brand packaging, specifically focusing on product development and virtual prototyping. With ArtiosCAD, you can create 3D packaging designs, resize them to fit a product, and check the physical limitations of your creations. Reduce manual processes and decrease the likelihood of costly mistakes and waste by allowing seamless inspection of designs before going to print.

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Studio 3D Design

Working directly in Adobe Illustrator, Studio is a quick and easy way to turn your brand's product designs into beautiful 3D images for faster executive approval. Save time and reduce costs by virtually viewing designs and providing feedback. Reduce the need for physical mockups and incorporate products into lifestyle photography.

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Store Visualizer Virtual Reality

Store Visualizer is a way to virtually enter a retail environment, test the visual impact of your designs, and determine the best shelf placement. Use virtual reality to understand consumer behavior and gain consumer insights.

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Automated Packshots

Automated packshots enable teams to go through as many rounds of review and approval as needed without going to physical production to troubleshoot.

Artwork designers can utilize 3D design tools, available as plugins, in their existing creative platforms, such as Adobe Illustrator. Reduce errors and ensure compliance by creating GS1 compliant packshots.

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Share and Approve

Share and Approve is an online collaborative solution for small and medium businesses or departments. With Share and Approve, teams manage the approvals of content with multiple stakeholders across different departments. Produce error-free, on time label and artwork content with the share and approve unique inspection tool. Creative and design teams can be confident they are working on the latest version and receive all feedback from a single, trackable source.

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The Esko | Brand Solutions Impact

Every day, Esko | Brand Solutions helps companies worldwide create artwork, labels, and other content more efficiently. Our solutions unite packaging and marketing efforts across all participants. Use Esko to create synergies throughout your go-to-market process.

What Designers Love about Our Solutions:

  • Improve control over end-to-end design and artwork workflows
  • Connect all packaging and marketing teams, suppliers and agencies to a single source of truth
  • Ensure compliance and brand governance without decreasing productivity
  • Effortlessly scale to accommodate new products, new markets, and increasing SKU volumes