Packaging Solutions for Brands

From consumer goods to pharmaceuticals, designers to packaging leaders, and artwork approvals to design development, Esko | Brand Solutions is here to help! Read on to learn how Esko solutions enable efficiency, simplicity, and collaboration for all industries, departments, and use cases.

By Industry

Industries may be different, but their needs reflect a commonality of purpose. Whether it’s beverages or beauty products, complying with regulations, streamlining packaging processes, avoiding costly mistakes, and getting to market efficiently are your main goals. Take a look to learn how our software can help your industry.

Consumer Goods

Delivering new products to market should be a breeze, regardless of the number of SKUs and distribution channels. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are always innovating, whether it be new products, flavors, packaging, or distribution channels. Digital solutions from Esko | Brand Solutions ensure packaging and marketing assets are consistently branded and production-ready by your target release date.

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Life Sciences

Imagine a world where labeling content and artwork changes are easily traceable, impact assessments are done with a click, and risk is eliminated. Learn how to control the quality and accuracy of each labeling asset in a single, integrated platform with the Esko digital toolkit.

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As a retailer, you communicate with suppliers and agencies worldwide. What if you could do that in a single platform? Esko helps you efficiently create high quality label and packaging assets, increase speed to market, and utilize e-commerce strategies effectively. Learn about the newest trends to stay on the cutting edge of the retail industry.

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Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty brands are always looking for creative ways to engage with their consumers. Use Esko solutions to ensure packaging and marketing assets are consistently branded so you can focus on increasing brand loyalty.

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By Persona

Esko solutions are flexible and adaptable across a wide variety of job-specific responsibilities. Efficiency is derived from being on the same page and speaking the same language when it comes to your marketing, design, regulatory, and packaging processes.


As a designer, you’re constantly balancing creativity against efficiencies in your processes. Creating the best product packaging requires you to make new design iterations and artwork quickly. Create 3D and CAD designs, find creative briefs in a central repository, gain approvals from stakeholders, and produce right-first-time packaging, artwork, and labels by using the right software.

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You strive to create cohesive packaging and promotional content for distribution across multiple touchpoints. This can be very complex, especially when visibility into the workflow is lacking, communication between departments is ineffective, and approved content is difficult to access. Esko tools help guide your cross-functional teams through the product content process and quickly identify project status, centralize packaging briefs, and approval from key stakeholders, all from a single location.

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Packaging Leaders

Missed deadlines, mistakes, recalls... the package design process is riddled with room for error. As a project manager for packaging, you’re responsible for specifications and initiatives across design, marketing, and supply chain functions. It’s time to enable process efficiency through one centralized location.

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Regulatory Teams

With increased regulatory oversight and frequent product labeling changes, you’re under constant pressure to manage and update regulatory content. Eliminate the risk and simplify your company’s processes with digital tools. Control the quality and accuracy of each asset in a single, integrated platform. 

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By Use Case – Solutions in Action

The proof is in the pudding. Let’s take a brief walk through the various uses to which Esko customers put our software solutions.

Packaging Design and Development

The software platform from Esko | Brand Solutions is designed to streamline the packaging development and design process. It enables packaging professionals to be more efficient by tracking and automating steps. Fewer manual steps lead to consistent and accurate results as well as cost-efficiency.

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Artwork Management

Esko WebCenter is a web-based platform which manages every aspect of the packaging process. WebCenter enhances the efficiency of your artwork approval process, connects all stakeholders, and assures everyone is engaged and up to date. From design to launch, all assets are stored in one centralized location. Designers receive automatic notifications alerting them of new tasks. A review and approval tool enables managers to annotate and provide feedback.

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Online Proofing

Manual, cumbersome approval processes just don’t cut it in the digital age. Harness the power of online proofing software to improve collaboration and speed to market, while streamlining your packaging process. Where accuracy is essential, Esko has you covered.

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