Spin Master - Customer Testimonial - Esko

How Spin Master Makes Packaging Design Child's Play with Esko Studio

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Toronto-based company, Spin Master™, is a rapidly growing major player in the global toy market, with around 1,600 employees in offices around the world. Spin Master has an impressive range of products, from classics such as Meccano® and Etch A Sketch, to one of the most advanced dolls ever, the award winning Luvabella™, which provides hundreds of lifelike expressions and interactive responses;

Packaging plays a vital role in marketing and sales in the Toys and Gaming industry; possibly even more than in other industries. The packaging must appeal to both adults and children alike, quickly inform customers what the toy is and does, and ‘sell’ its value in just a short glance.

At Spin Master, that challenge falls to George Olarte, Visual Brand Design Manager, Spin Master and his team.

“I was already familiar with Esko through ArtiosCAD (its’ structural design software for packaging design), but when I saw Studio for the first time, it blew me away,” said Olarte. “It was exactly what we needed. It allows us to design and render packaging in 3D exactly as it would look on the shelf. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of this before!”

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