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Leveraging Automation and AI in Packaging Design: Insights from Industry Experts

computer with packaging artwork images on screen

It seems like AI and automation are all everyone is talking about these days.

In fact, they are.  57% of executives believe that the rise of AI will boost short-term goals in Supply Chain agility.

In a recent webinar moderated by Esko, industry leaders converged to explore the intersection of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and packaging design.

This discussion addressed, among other things, the potential of technology in enhancing traditional packaging creation processes to contribute to a faster and more agile go-to-market strategy.

Keep reading to explore key insights shared by experts in this field.

Panel Introduction

The webinar panel featured speakers from diverse backgrounds, including academia, global corporations, and leading brands. 

The speakers included Rudy Martinez from Coca-Cola, Gerardo Herrera from ArtCenter College of Design, Thaxton Lipscomb from Kimberly-Clark, and Sukhdev Saini from Colgate-Palmolive. 

Each speaker brought unique perspectives about the role of AI and automation in packaging design, enriching the discussion with insights from their respective domains.

Perfect Packaging: A Shared Vision

So why talk about this? The answer is because at Esko, we envision a future where packaging creation processes are completely streamlined and error-free. In short: packaging processes are a key contributor to operational excellence. We know our clients share our vision.

Our vision is articulated around 3 pillars:

  • Ensuring quality and market compliance
  • Maintaining color consistency
  • Achieving content synchronization between digital and physical materials

Over the next five years, Esko expects to see unprecedented innovation in product development within the packaging industry, specifically leveraging the latest AI and automation advancements.

Here’s what our panel had to say about their current use of technology and where they see it going in the future.

Trusting AI in Artwork Review

One of the pivotal discussions revolved around the trustworthiness of AI in artwork review for packaging design. 

While AI offers promising capabilities in streamlining the review process, concerns about trust levels, potential risks, and the necessity of human oversight were highlighted. 

The consensus emerged that AI’s role should be limited to assisting the artwork approval process rather than controlling it outright.


Harnessing Automation and Al to Enhance Agility and Competitive Edge in Artwork, Labeling and Distribution

Assisted Content Authoring with AI

AI’s potential in assisting content authoring and translation was a significant theme during the discussion. 

By leveraging AI-driven content generation, marketing teams can create content, improve scalability, and easily localize and personalize content with speed and efficiency.

For example, AI-assisted content authoring accelerates speed-to-market and ensures accuracy in content development by reducing manual touchpoints.

Improved Search Capabilities with Neural Networks

The utilization of neural networks to enhance search capabilities in packaging design was another focal point. 

AI-powered image recognition and metadata-free search functionalities have the potential to favorably impact content management, regulatory compliance, and claims management.

For example, changes in product labeling requirements could result in the need to update artwork and labels for thousands of SKUs. Neural networks help identify which artworks are impacted so you can easily make the changes that will ensure compliance.

Automatic Sustainability Calculations in Design Processes

Integrating automatic sustainability calculations into the structural design process is a critical aspect of hitting sustainability targets.

By utilizing tools like Esko WebCenter, brands are able to evaluate material impact, consider geographical nuances, and make educated decisions early in the process to achieve sustainability goals.

Overall, the webinar provides a comprehensive exploration of how automation and AI are reshaping packaging design processes.

From artwork review to content authoring and sustainability calculations, technology offers transformative solutions that drive efficiency and innovation while helping companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Want to learn more? Tune into the webinar replay here!