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Avoid Product Recalls with Packaging Content Management

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Product recalls are a nightmare for any company and, unfortunately, they’re more common than you may think. According to Packaging Digest, packaged product recalls increased by 63% in 2022. While recalls occur for a variety of reasons, errors in packaging content are one of the most common causes. If companies lack a clear process for managing packaging content, they’re putting themselves and their consumers at considerable business and personal risk. This is an area where sweating the small things is very good business

The Cost of Recalls

On average, millions are spent in direct costs due to product recalls. They can tarnish your brand’s image as well as result in hefty fines. However, the costs go further than the bottom line. According to Food Safety Magazine, in a Harris Interactive survey, customers responded that after a recall, 55% would temporarily switch brands, 15% would never buy the recalled product again, and 21% would avoid buying any brand created by the recalled product’s manufacturer. Clearly, the damage to your brand will be significant. That’s why it’s important to take action to prevent recalls from happening.

Are you confident your packaging management process can prevent recalls and keep your products safe for consumption? Let’s explore how digital solutions can help streamline your packaging content management process so you can protect your brand, products, and most importantly, your consumers.

How to Prevent Recalls with Digital Solutions

Content is every element that makes up a label on or a package containing a consumer product. Content management refers to the process of creating, modifying, organizing, and delivering information or content. In the case of packaged products, content management includes everything from the ingredients list and nutritional information to the packaging design and labeling. Additionally, content must be created and approved at a rapid pace.

The input of multiple stakeholders makes managing content data tricky at best. At Esko, we understand the importance of product safety and recall prevention. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create, review, and approve content for labels and product packaging at lightning speed? How about achieving right-first-time packaging content? With digital solutions, you can!

The Benefits of Content Management Software

Investing in modern content management software helps automate processes and ensure accuracy and consistency across all product information. By centralizing information in a single platform, companies can reduce the risk of errors and make it easier to track changes and updates over time.

WebCenter, Esko’s content management solution, allows you to specify and reuse content including text, claims, symbols, and barcodes for use on packaging artwork, labels, leaflets, IFUs, etc. With WebCenter, you can manage and structure content without the need to manually copy and paste content from spreadsheets, documents, and other sources. Your teams can reuse approved content both in the artwork and for regulatory bodies through WebCenter in submission-ready file formats.

Don’t let a recall tank your brand’s reputation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.