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Artwork Management

5 Ways to Accelerate Your Speed -to-Market

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Traditional methods for packaging approvals can often be long, complicated processes that lead to frequent production delays. Gathering and interpreting feedback from multiple stakeholders is not only cumbersome, but likely to result in costly errors and client frustration. Fortunately, Share & Approve from Esko is here to help you streamline your artwork approval processes, regain control of your speed-to-market, and ultimately drive business growth. Let’s explore five meaningful ways Share & Approve expedites speed-to-market.

1. Accurate Approval Management

Eradicate costly errors with precise approval management. Share & Approve’s state-of-the-art approval management enables you to review packaging designs in 3D, using actual production data, without the need for structural CAD data. Elevate external collaboration by inviting anyone to view and annotate a 3D design in the cloud.

2. Securely and Seamlessly Share Large Files

Bid farewell to the era of email sends with Share & Approve’s easy-to-use and secure information sharing workspace. Gather all reviewers and stakeholders in one shared workspace, allowing them to view, review, and annotate specific artwork files effortlessly. No user training, logins, or registrations needed for recipients. Simply upload and start sharing files with reviewers in just four clicks! No software downloads or IT projects required. Sign up and start using it today.

3. Take Control and Expedite Approvals

Establish a standardized communication process for feedback, both internally and externally. Enjoy access to a suite of tools that aid in formally managing design changes. Capture necessary changes, obtain required approvals, and oversee the process through a straightforward dashboard. This dashboard allows you to monitor and track tasks, such as pending approvers, approval cycle length, and rejection analysis. Additionally, as an approver, you can forward approvals to other users or email addresses, seamlessly transferring responsibility.

4. Centralize Assets for a Single Source of Truth

Say goodbye to data scattered across departments by creating a centralized point of information. Monitor all activities, from viewing to commenting and approving. Leverage the benefits of cloud-based file sharing, revision management, effortless collaboration, and design review capabilities. Securely store your data in the cloud, providing you with an online hub for accessing your work from anywhere, at any time. Manage revisions, change requests, and view annotations with ease. Welcome to your single source of truth to keep your tasks on track and on schedule.

5. Flexibility with No Upfront Costs

With Share & Approve, there is no need to worry about initial upfront costs. We’ve simplified your approval cycles with our entry-level complimentary tier—no credit card required, no software implementation hassles. All core features are included, and it’s free forever, offering you 50 free transactions per month. For users needing more, we offer a range of cost-effective usage models that allow you to spread software costs across the product’s lifetime via a subscription, eliminating heavy upfront expenses.

That’s not all – we’ve made it even simpler for you. As a cloud-based model, there is no need to get IT involved or embark in an IT implementation project. Simply sign up and start using it! With your data in the cloud, you and your teams can access, edit, and review models or documents in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection. Storing your data in the cloud provides the peace of mind that you can work on your terms, whenever you need it.

What do our customers think of Share & Approve?

Don’t just take it form us. Hear what Esko customer, Ronald Whitfield, Business Systems Director at Complete Design & Packaging, has to say:

“In the packaging industry, providing the customer with a high-resolution proof at 100% size, without a hard copy, saves time. We anticipate Share & Approve to be an integral part of our customer approval process. Share & Approve is a great addition to the Esko software family.”

Start your Share & Approve journey today!