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Release Notes

Esko 24.07 Release Notes

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Esko 24.07 Release Notes

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What's New in WebCenter 24.07

WebCenter User Interface & Experience

Reference Document View

  • The viewer has new capabilities! You can now open a reference document like a copy sheet in a side view within the viewer while inspecting your artwork file. The artwork and the reference file are panned and zoomed independently.

Dashboard by default

  • WebCenter can now take users directly to the Dashboard Form when opening a Task from notifications. This also works for links to the tasks from other places around WebCenter, providing a complete Dashboard experience for users.

WebCenter VDP

Variable Data Printing “VDP” Module Enhancements

  • The VDP Module is designed to streamline the review and approval process for promotional variants in digital printing. This innovative module allows users to effortlessly load, view, and approve variant data—ranging from images and text to barcodes—directly within the artwork template. With support for multiple variants per artwork, the VDP Manager ensures that each piece is print-ready, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in digital printing projects.

Configuration Enhancements

Improved JavaScript Rule Creation

  • Writing JavaScript in WebCenter has never been easier. The Script builder can assist by showing predictive scription options.
  • The editor also highlights errors and provides details so you can better resolve issues.
  • API documentation can now directly be accessed from the WebCenter UI.

Dashboard Framework Improvements

  • Project information can be pushed to tasks in the dashboard framework. This means that values can be pre-filled or edited based on project attributes. In both cases, the field will show an indication to inform the user that the new or updated value has been applied to each field.
  • When opening a completed task in a Dashboard Form, all fields will be read only.

Plug-ins for Adobe

Task Plugin Barcode Support

  • The Tasks Plugin can now generate production-ready barcodes on an InDesign artwork based on parameters and values, including those originating from barcode elements from CMP.

General Enhancements

Pinned Columns via Configuration

  • Admins can configure pinned columns by default, allowing for an immediately efficient view for users. Pinned columns can be configured in dashboards, document reference lists, and search results.

 Audit Trail for Lists

  • WebCenter 24.07 adds actions taken lists to the audit trail, allowing authorized users to view any changes that were made and who made them.

Expire My Sessions Enhancement

  • If your maximum number of open sessions has been reached, users will receive a screen allowing them to expire all other open sessions with a single click. This now works for all session types.

Content Management for Packaging

Content Sheet Discussions

  • As the enabler for managing content sheet approvals, we are continuing to improve the experience around content sheet discussions. In 24.07, we added:
    • At-a-Glance Counts: Number of open and resolved discussions.
    • Improved Layout: Structured view to easily identify content, language, and ownership.
    • Enhanced Editor: Rich-text editing and better grouping provide a cleaner look for adding to the discussion.

Modernized Export to PDF Report

  • Creating and configuring PDF reports to represent the content sheet have gotten an overhaul and are now much easier to create and customize.

Pinned Columns via Configuration (Continued)

  • While already discussed, it deserves to be reiterated for CMP. In 24.07, you can now set most views of content to have key details and languages pinned to the left or right of the screen when working with any number of languages.

Content Management for Life Sciences

Updating Content from InDesign Previewer

  • No longer limited to simply previewing content on InDesign templates, users may now make updates to how content is associated, ensuring all content is placed before artwork is generated. In this release, users can:
    • View Content Details. See what content is mapped and number of occurrences.
    • Search and Link Content. Switch out text statements, images, and structured content to change placements in the Previewer.

WebCenter Tasks Plugin

WebCenter Tasks Plugin [InDesign] – Barcode Support

  • The Tasks Plugin can now generate production-ready barcodes on an InDesign artwork based on parameters and values, including those originating from barcode elements from CMP.

What's New in ArtPro+ 24.07

Color Management Improvements

Simulate Substrate Color Option (Paper Simulation)

  • ArtPro+ users can now preview a file using the correct substrate color specification. This provides an accurate representation of how the job will be preproduced.
  • This enables users to make accurate color visual judgements earlier in the process.
  • Additionally, it helps reduce the need for additional proofing and decreases time to market.

Automation Improvements

PDF Action Lists Improvements:

  • PDF Action lists are now faster
    • Undo complete action list
    • Marks re-evaluation only at the end
  • New actions introduced:
    • Convert with Equinox
    • Set Document Profile

Quality Assurance Improvements

Flexo Plate Preview can highlight Plate ID and Plate Cutting Paths

There is an option now to highlight the Plate ID and Plate Cutting Paths in the Flexo Plate Preview.

As a prepress professional you’re responsible not only for the printed content but also the non-printed information. The plate preview now helps you to get a preview of all content that goes to plate including Plate ID and Plate cut.

PDF Export Separation Selection

Selection of separations is now available in the Export to PDF option (All flavors).

Problem: Need to provide a reduced composition of production file for e.g. external suppliers.

Now: just select what you need.

Trapping Improvements

Pullback Improvements

Pullbacks are becoming smarter.

Not only considering color aspect but also including printability and print quality aspect.

CAD Improvements

Extract Text Objects from ARD

Users can now extract Text objects from ARD files and use them as named objects for marks.

Problem: Advanced connectivity of structural and graphic department to allow CAD data to drive marks automation.

Now: You can now use CAD text objects to position marks.

Auto-update back page of CAD layouts

For a CAD layout with front and back pages, replacing station(s) on one side will automatically update the respective other side.

Making updates of graphics error free. ArtPro+ now automatically updates both sides of the layout when updating graphics.

Editing Improvements

Snapping for Edit Path tool

Snapping option while using Edit Path tool, allows user to move points more precisely.

Plate Cut Bleed Optimization

Optimizing layouts for digital plate cutting can be very cumbersome.

Graphics need to be prepared for compensating cutting tolerances.

ArtPro+ can add artificial bleed to cover the cut.

What's New in Studio 24.07

Fold in Studio Toolkit

We’ve added the Fold tool from Illustrator into Studio Toolkit to fold or change the fold angles of ArtiosCAD files. This makes it fast and easy to make modifications when working with assemblies – no need to switch between Studio Toolkit and Illustrator.

Working with Automation Engine

You can now work directly in the Job Folders in Automation Engine SaaS to export or replace a placed structural design file.

What's New in Store Visualizer 24.07

Automatic Product Models

It can be a challenge to create or collect all the product models to fill an aisle, shelf or store. Store Visualizer Prime can now automatically generate 3D models for virtually any product based on its GS1 images. This auto-creation can be used for both individual products as well as planograms, delivering up-to-date, realistically filled stores in just minutes.

Changing Model Dimensions

The dimensions of imported models can be adjusted on the fly, right in the Model browser. Saves time by eliminating the need to find and re-import models just to get the right product size.

Manual Material Thickness

Use manually defined material thickness to enable refractive materials and/or liquid with any container – even for imported models that were not originally designed with interior geometry.

What's New in Automation Engine 24.07

Viewer Improvements

The info panel in the viewer will now show the trim box size of the artwork.

While measuring ink densities, in compare mode, the user can now read the ink densities of the compared to file, that’s open in the viewer.

While inspecting a file in the viewer, a user can now highlight which separations are overprinting in the prepress file.

Task Improvements

More PDF Action Lists

  • The ‘Apply PDF Action List’ task now supports these new actions:
    • ‘Set Document Profile’
    • ‘Convert with Equinox’
  • Following actions have been updated:
    • The ‘object selection’ criteria in the ‘Conditional Action (If … Then…)’ were extended with ‘contains two or more objects’.
  • The ‘Select layer by name’ action now has an option to include sublayers.
  • The ‘Create Plate Cutting Paths’ action now supports bleed in manual mode.
  • The ‘Select Objects in Layer’ action now supports different selection modes: ’Select’, ‘Add to selection’, ‘Remove from selection’, ‘Intersect with Selection’.
  • The ‘Replace (Linked) Image(s)’ action now supports to reset channel mapping.

Step & Repeat CAD Based: Improved Station Mapping

  • Improved mapping of input files to stations.
  • Print item matching: print items in your template that name-match print items in the one-up are being used for distribution across the layout.
  • CAD object name matching to input file name: print items in your template that have identical or similar names as the one-up PDF (the file name starts with the print item name) are being used for distribution.

Step & Repeat: Parallel Processing for VDP Jobs

  • A new option ‘Use parallel processing’ was added to the ‘Step & Repeat Tabular’ and ‘Step & Repeat Template based’ tasks.
  • For processing large VDP jobs it is often needed to split the output into multiple files. In such case it is now possible to use parallel processing to generate the output faster. Different sub-tasks will generate different blocks.
  • This option is only available when enough AE channels and CPU cores are available (at least 4 AE channels and 4 CPU cores are needed)

NDL Based 'Import JDF Layout' Task

  • A new PDF+ compatible task for importing JDF files (and saving the result as PDF) was added. The goal of this task is to replace the ‘Import JDF Layout (Classic)’ task. The new task has less options related to adjustments of the output PDF as these changes can be now performed in ‘Optimize PDF’ task if needed.

Color Preflight - Equinox

  • By using the new integrated workflow, the user now will be able to get accurate prediction, plus estimation, on how to best print using their Equinox color standards.
  • This will enable them to quote the job accurately but also bring efficiency into their process as it will enable them to plan their job effectively into their production schedule.
  • Once the desired printing specification is chosen the job can then be automatically converted, saving time in the prepress process.

Phoenix - Equinox

  • By using the new integrated workflow, the user will now be able to do ink analysis using the Equinox data but also plan the job in an efficient way according to their press specification.
  • This will generate an accurate cost estimation showing a complete breakdown of the colors and include a layout report so the User can easily see what job layout is best.

What's New in DeskPack 24.07

Quality Assurance Improvements

Viewer Compare Color HSV Mode

When comparing files pixel by pixel color changes between versions can cover more severe mistakes. HSV compare mode allows you to ignore shallow color changes to uncover differences in content.

Dynamic Barcodes Improvements

Support for new Application Identifiers 7250-7259 for GS1 barcodes

What's New in Phoenix 24.07

New Lane optimization features for digital roll-fed label production

  • Feature to build rotary die tooling on the fly for lane planning – no need to build and store hundreds/thousands of dies in the software.
  • Phoenix can consider the customers requested “finished roll length” to plan the best lanes across and down the web – optimizing substate for rewinding and finishing.
  • Rotary die cutter can be modeled to aid in the cost and time calculations we are creating.

What's New in Print Control Wizard 24.07

Print Verification

  • You can now link your press production back to pre-press and get confirmation if your print production has drifted from the production standard.
  • This will help reduce the print fault finding process.
  • It helps create a pro-active approach to identifying potential issues on press by monitoring every production job.
  • Builds a standardization process by linking the calibration process to production.

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