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Digital Flexo Suite

Esko plate making & mounting software

The Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost savings through the automation of the flexo plate production. It is a collection of Esko's plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry.

The Digital Flexo Suite adds a flow of information to plate making. Automatically, instantly and with computerized accuracy a job is sent to the imager, files are created for cutting and data files are made for mounting.

Flexo Plate Mounting

Faster flexo plate mounting

The Digital Flexo Suite offers a number of ways to ensure faster flexo plate mounting without sacrificing accuracy. The flexo plate is cut up into smaller patches to reduce waste, but accurate mounting information is sent to the mounting device.

Manual flexo plate mounting is intensive labor and can be optimized by the Digital Flexo Suite. The flexo mounting process will go faster and will reduce the possibilities for human errors.

Not only does the Digital Flexo Suite offers direct connections to mounters (Macroflex, JMHeaford,  AV Flexologics…). Esko also developed the PreMount workflow: it is a revolutionary mounting technique that allows the user to mount flexo plate slugs on a carrier sheet prior to imaging.


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