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AVT Titan

100% Quality Assurance for Metal Sheet Decoration
Visually inspect metal sheets and efficiently detect imperfections.


100% Quality Assurance for Metal Sheet Decoration

AVT Titan is connected to your print production workflow, capable of triggering ejectors, marking devices or kickers to automatically mark/eject defective sheets.

The system can also connect to the press’s feeder to stop printing if a process defect becomes severe.

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100% Quality Assurance

Automatically Detect a Variety of Defects

Including hickeys, spots, splashes, scumming, scratches, miss-prints, color variations, and more!

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High Resolution at Any Sheet Width

AVT Titan raises the bar on in-line quality assurance by providing high resolution and performance at any given sheet width and press speeds.

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Good Sheets Counter

Built-in, on-line monitoring of “good to ship” sheets, ensures a sufficient amount of sheets are printed prior to the next job change.

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How AVT Titan Works

A colored alarm light tower alerts the operator immediately when a defect is detected, according to pre-defined quality thresholds.

The system visually indicates the position and the nature of all detected defects on screen. The operator can then address the problem and correct the relevant defect.

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Benefits of AVT Titan

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Boost Productivity

Ensures consistent print quality on every job, significantly increasing overall press productivity.

Unmatched Print Quality

Detect various print defects, with visual indication of the exact location and type of each defect.

Innovative Print Inspection Process

Minimize job set-up time and detect defects with Titan’s intuitive user interface.

Optional Add-On Modules


Verification Tools

Job Verification Tools. AVT’s toolset includes a PDF comparator for every new job versus original PDF digital file or saved master image in case of re-runs

Get Started with AVT Titan

Explore Esko print inspection solutions for cutting-edge process control, quality assurance, and print management for packaging, labels, and commercial print production.

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