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AVT Jupiter

Best-in-Class Process Control for Packaging Web Printing Applications
Automatic defect detection solution.

Photo of AVT Print Inspection module

Best-in-Class Process Control for Packaging Web Printing Applications

AVT Jupiter’s unique automatic inspection module and display, visually inspects all types of printed materials on the press, quickly detecting and alerting to defects in real-time.

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Photo AVT Print Inspectio

HD Camera with 16x Zoom Lens

The advanced high-definition camera guarantees the highest quality print defect inspection where users can see the smallest printed items and print dots.

photo of monitor showing AVT Jupiter

Haze Detection

Unique to the AVT Jupiter system, haze view enables detection of very low contrast defects, such as hazing or scumming as soon as they evolve.

Photo of AVT Jupiter
Photo of man at AVT workstation

How AVT Jupiter Works

AVT Jupiter detects defects and imperfections before they are seen by the human eye and immediately alerts the press operator. It boosts productivity by assisting operators during job make-ready, shortening production time, automating manual processes, and reducing waste.

Analyze Print Issues Without Stopping the Printing Press

AVT Jupiter enables higher press speeds, supports all press types, models, and materials – including transparent and flexible substrates used in the packaging industry.

Photo of AVT Print Inspection

Benefits of AVT Jupiter

Photo AVT Print Inspection

Boost Productivity

Deliver consistent print quality on every job and increase productivity, saving time and resources.

Inspection Profiles

Fast, easy generation for seamless set-up and improved control of quality standards.

Efficient Defect Detection

Detect defects, including color variations, mis-registration, smears, streaks, and spots.

Optional Add-On Modules

Screenshot of AVT Print Inspection barcode

Verification Tools

Barcode Verification. Automatic scanning, verification and grading of UPC and EAN barcodes, to ensure codes are properly printed and can be read by consumers and end users.

Press Control. Achieve faster press make-ready with automatic register control, and automatic plate and anilox pressure controls, to save time and reduce waste.

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Explore Esko print inspection solutions for cutting-edge process control, quality assurance, and print management for packaging, labels, and commercial print production.

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