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AVT Apollo 20k

100% Quality Assurance for HP Indigo 20k Digital Press
Inspection of any material, surface or reverse print.

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100% Quality Assurance for HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press

The system can be easily installed on the HP 20000 press to achieve online quality assurance and process control.

The system’s high resolution and high speed ensure print quality, data validity, barcode and number tracking, as well as DeltaE color monitoring – all in one pass!

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AVT Apollo 20k Benefits

Decrease Production Times

AVT Apollo 20k supports the shorter runs of digital printing

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Automate Manual Processes

AVT Apollo 20k automatically detects print and substrate defects, to ensure and verify print content.

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Reduce Waste

The system compares the original PDF file to the current print, alerting the operator to deviations early on to ensure perfect print quality and minimum waste.

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How AVT Apollo 20k Works

AVT Apollo 20k detects a variety of print defects, including color variations, misprints, low contrast defects, mis-registration, spots, and splashes.

It visually indicates the precise location and type of each defect, while in parallel, the system records all relevant defect data into roll reports.

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Real-Time Defect Detection

An easy to view color-coded light tower informs operators when a defect is detected, so that errors can be addressed and corrected in real-time. The system provides full process control and trend monitoring, in addition to a comprehensive quality assurance package.

Benefits of AVT Apollo 20k

Boost Productivity

Ensure consistent print quality on every job, significantly increasing overall press productivity.

Unrivalled Print Quality

100% quality assurance with full support of all web presses, substrates, and applications.

Compatible with any Application and Substrate

Supports transparent and flexible substrates, foils, paper, and cartons.

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Imagine a Fully Automated Print Inspection Process

Regions of Interest (ROI)

Adjust sensitivities for precise detection where needed and to reduce them in less critical areas.

“Step and Repeat” Setup

Required setups can be done on one package and automatically set to “step and repeat” on all others.

Illumination Control

Separate control of illumination sources (diffusive, reflective, backlight) for best image quality.

Good Material Count

Built-in, on-line monitoring guarantees enough good material before the next job change.

Quick Set

Fast, automatic “zero set-up” time for repeating jobs.

Inspection Profiles

Fast, easy generation for seamless set-up and improved control of quality standards.

Optional Add-On Modules

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Verification Tools

Job Verification Tools. AVT’s toolset includes a PDF comparator for every new job versus original PDF digital file or saved master image in case of re-runs.

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