Film is dead! What’s next?

If film is dead, what’s next?

Digital flexographic plate making is widely adopted in the flexo printing industry. Digital flexo plate making not only brings a significant quality increase but it also cuts costs.

Our customers report a 25 % cost reduction in their plate making when going digital! (They eliminate the silver-halide film, chemistry, film processor, dark room…).


You can still image film on a CDI!
Although the purpose of a CDI is to image digital flexo and digital letterpress plates, it can also image film.

Laserpoint II is a chemistry-free process-less matt film. This day light film is highly scratch-resistant and can easily be imaged with all EskoArtwork CDIs. The daylight chemistry free film is ideal if you still require small quantities of film for making flat silk screen for example.

The film can also be used for copying to waterless of wet offset analog plates.

Laserpoint II can directly be ordered from EskoArtwork.



The film comes in these sizes


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