What’s new in ArtiosCAD?

What’s new in 22.11

Realistic 3D folding and rendering of complex designs

Convert highly complex folding designs to 3D mock-ups at the click of a button, and watch your packaging virtually assemble itself.

  • Bring your packaging to life with 3D visuals of more complex designs than ever before, including Gusset Trays and Boxes, Four Corner Beers Trays, Infold/Outfold Trays, Gable Top Cartons.
  • Erect and knock down designs with a single-click for easy 3D visualization and quality checks.
  • Easily share a specification report with your customer, complete with a 3D rendering.

Resizable Design Templates

Create packaging and displays in seconds by choosing templates from the increasingly extensive library. Try out 40 brand new designs, now in the Style Catalog.

  • 15 new ECMA folding carton designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 24 new FEFCO corrugated designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 1 new Rigid Box design added to the Style Catalog
  • More than 460 designs added since version 18

Dynamic Subscriptions

Simplify global management and distribution of licenses across all sites with our new cloud-based licensing model for on-premise applications.

  • Eliminate time consuming and costly license transfers. Licenses no longer belong to the individual but can be accessed by anyone in the ‘pool’ at any time until you reach your limit of purchased licenses. Once the user closes the application, the license goes back into the ‘pool’.
  • Allow for efficient and flexible license usage, including shift work, occasional usage and distribution across regions.
  • Reduce the need for license administration by IT or prepress managers – use online cloud portal and services to easily assign a pool of licenses to a group of users from any location.

What’s new in 22.07

Usage dashboards

Opt-in to gain a deeper insight into your workflows

  • Clearly see which features and functions are most valuable to your business.
  • Allow Esko to discover common user pain points, to enable prioritized product improvement and targeted training – so you can get the most from ArtiosCAD, and your investment.

Enhanced waste area and station number labelling

Minimize downtime and get back up and running faster by quickly identifying cutting or stripping issues during production.

  • Match waste material to die board location easily by allocating area labels to them.
  • Rotate text or enclose it in circles or rectangles for quick and easy identification of problem areas.
  • Save time with the simplified re-numbering scheme.

New FEFCO designs

Get first access to 20 of the 100 newly announced FEFCO designs

  • ArtiosCAD will be the first CAD design software to release parametric design templates of these newly released FEFCO designs
  • Use designs created specifically to cater to new technologies and market changes

Updated 3D import libraries

Link up your workflows with easy importing of SolidWorks 2022 files

  • Easily import 3D models in SolidWorks 2022 format to ArtiosCAD 3D to design right-sized packaging for the product
  • Save time – there’s no need to duplicate or convert your files

Release 22.03

Resizable design templates

  • 30 new ECMA folding carton designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 41 new FEFCO corrugated designs added to the Style Catalog
  • over 380 designs added since version 18

Rubber Layout Updates

  • Nested layout features for die ejection rubber have been updated
  • No USB security key required

Enterprise Browser
– startup behavior

  • Specify initial browser node at startup

Assembly Instructions Tool

  • Dedicated tools to create Assembly Instruction documents in ArtiosCAD
  • Add annotations, symbols, labels, simple headers and footers using new tools within ArtiosCAD
  • Customize instruction panel sequencing and repeat information across panels and pages

Release 21.11
Waste area labeling

  • Automatic waste area labeling
  • Quickly identify die-cutting problem areas
  • Reduce production down-time

Show stripping area on reports

Easily create stripping area reports for production or diemaking approval.

Station number labeling

  • Automatic one-up station number labeling
  • Enables automated print sheet creation
  • Quickly identify design position on the production sheet layout and for finishing

Layout tools added to Essentials subscription

  • ArtiosCAD Design Essentials now includes layout tools
  • Existing customers with Essentials get access after a re-login to their subscription

Release 21.07
2D Design Stories

  • Improved user dialog for Rule Length, Blank Size + Area
  • Improve snap selection of geometry 
  • Enable scaling to a desired dimension
  • Improve scale tool snapping

3D Design Stories

  • Enhanced user feedback for 3D tools with axes
  • Configurable mouse support to ease 3D navigation
  • Tab in Slot tool improvements

Production Stories

  • Move nicks & bridges with offset precision in ARD, MFG
  • Calculated expression for board usage/waste calculations to include nicked cut-outs

Enterprise Stories

  • Performance significantly improved for projects with large amounts of documents + metadata (attributes)
  • Attribute lists for customized database information & search dialogs alphabetized

Canvas Standards

ArtiosCAD 20.0.1 features the ability to add Resizable Canvas Design Templates to the Style Catalog to easily share multi-part & multi-material designs with all users. A Resizable Canvas Design Template, as well as existing Canvas designs, can be imported into a new Canvas Design as a rebuildable or static part.

What’s new in ArtiosCAD 20.0.1?

Enterprise Enhancements

Save time searching through long customer lists with new character string-matching as you type.

What’s new in ArtiosCAD 20.0.1?

Preflight Enhancements

Extended support for Flexo-folder-gluers (FFG) will recognize different glue flap designs and identify anomalies for regular slotted containers (RSC) with an inline partial die.

What’s new in ArtiosCAD 20.0.1?

SolidWorks 2020 Support

Updated Spatial 3D libraries provide native support for importing SolidWorks 2020 3D models.

What’s new in ArtiosCAD 20.0.1?

SQL Server 2019 Certification

Certification of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 eliminates potential roadblocks when installing ArtiosCAD on new computer hardware.

What’s new in ArtiosCAD 20.0.1?

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