What’s new in ArtiosCAD 20?

ArtiosCAD Preflight

ArtiosCAD 20 features an industry first: ArtiosCAD Preflight, quality control functionality for your structural designs. ArtiosCAD Preflight is now commercially available and can be used for 30-days as a free trial.

ArtiosCAD Preflight helps packaging designers flag potential production issues in their structural designs before the files are released to estimating or production. Read more here

Resizable design templates

  • 21 new ECMA folding carton designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 25 new FEFCO corrugated designs added to the Style Catalog
  • over 150 designs added since version 18

Auto-lock bottom designs

  • Auto mate and fold auto-lock bottom designs in seconds
  • Identify copy and copy-free areas for artwork panels automatically in 3D

Kongsberg VariAngle knife support

  • Design with v-notch creases and cuts from 0 – 60 ° angles, in 0.5 increments
  • Realistic visualization for virtual mockups and testing

Output Canvas Layout as MFG

  • Submit Canvas Layouts directly to iPC
  • No need to convert to MFG file first – save time and no extraneous files

Database dialog for Canvas designs

  • Create unique database dialogs for a Canvas, Parts and Layouts

Canvas support in Studio

  • Open ArtiosCAD Canvas files in Studio
  • Less files to open and manage for the graphic designer

Counter features

  • View counter channel width
  • Convert to counter retains ARD name

Cape integration

  • Auto populate database information with calculated expressions
  • Enter data once in ArtiosCAD to have it persist throughout the workflow

Other enhancements

  • Set project attributes when creating projects from a template in Enterprise
  • Mate tool user experience improvements
  • Shortcuts for the select tools
  • Part order of a Canvas can be user-defined during output

What’s new in ArtiosCAD 18.1.1?

  • Automatic fixing for common Preflight anomalies will save structural designers several minutes per anomaly found by eliminating the need for manually inspecting for design flaws and manual design corrections.
  • New layout editing tools for the ArtiosCAD Canvas Layout will allow designers to optimize the nested layout for digital production or for diecut jobs.
  • Updated DWG libraries to support the latest Autodesk AutoCAD® DWG 19 file format
  • Updated Spatial libraries to support SOLIDWORKS® 2019 file format and JT ISO 3D visualization format